Gardening Tips

Here you'll find quick and easy gardening tips to help you avoid mistakes, fix problems, and maximize your harvest in your garden.

A close-up of Bush Honeysuckle reveals enchanting pink flowers that dangle in clusters. The green leaves are opposite, elliptical, and possess a glossy sheen, enhancing their visual appeal. Branches extend gracefully, forming an intricate network within the shrub.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in The Midwest

Are you a Midwest gardener with concerns about invasive species? There are plenty of invasive plants that can not only take over your garden but spread into the neighboring landscape. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen introduces 28 invasive species that Midwestern gardeners should watch out for, plus 28 alternative plants you can grow instead.

A close-up of Water Hyacinth highlights its enchanting light lavender flowers. The green leaves, some marred with charming holes, add character and a sense of the plant's journey in nature's intricate tapestry.

Gardening Tips

28 Invasive Plants to Avoid in The Southeast

If you live in the Southeastern United States, you are probably already familiar with some of the most common invasive plant species. Learn to recognize your region's invasive plants so you can keep them out of your landscape. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen will introduce 28 common invasive species of the Southeast and better alternatives for each.

a pile of bright orange pumpkins sit atop a decorative fall straw bale.

Gardening Tips

Can You Use Halloween Straw Bales In Your Garden?

If you want to reuse your Halloween decor but are hesitant about the potential chemicals, weeds, or pathogens in straw bales, former organic farmer Logan Hailey has quick tips for deciphering between hay and straw bales, plus a guide to safely using straw bales without risking herbicide contamination.

Close up of a gardener's hand carefully selecting the weakest and smallest sprouts to thin from a row.

Gardening Tips

How to Thin Seedlings For A Productive Garden 

Have you ever wondered why you should thin your seedlings and what the best way is to do so? Which crops need to be thinned? Join gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich as she goes through the hows, whens, and whys of thinning seedlings for healthy plants.

In a home garden landscape design, a lush green lawn stretches out, providing a vibrant canvas. Surrounding the lawn, colorful flowering plants bloom, adding a burst of natural beauty to the scene.

Gardening Tips

How to Get Rid of Your Lawn: Say Goodbye to Grass

Are you burnt out with your grassy lawn and ready to try something else? There are plenty of beautiful, interesting, and beneficial alternatives to a turfgrass lawn. In this article, gardening expert Liessa Bowen explores the wonderful world of gardening beyond grass.

A close-up of a rustic DIY countryside bird feeder crafted from brown wood that resembles a cozy birdhouse. It stands amidst a lush backdrop of vibrant green leaves from nearby trees.

Gardening Tips

17 Tips for a Bird-Friendly Garden

Do you enjoy bird watching, bird feeding, or simply knowing that birds enjoy your garden? There are many ways that gardeners can create a bird-friendly landscape. In this article, gardening and wildlife expert Liessa Bowen offers 17 tips to create your own bird-friendly garden.

A beautiful park scene with lush green grass and a carpet of brown and orange autumn leaves. These leaves feature spiky and curly edges, creating a picturesque fall setting. In the distance, you can spot trees, a car, and a winding road.

Gardening Tips

11 Ways to Give Your Fall Leaves a Second Life

Do you think of leaves as a nuisance? Are you the type of person who can’t wait to tidy up your yard with a rake and bag each fall? Are you curious to learn how you can use these free resources that we often take for granted? It might surprise you how useful these brown, crunchy leaves are for your garden, wildlife, and the soil. In this article, gardening expert Taylor Sievers shares how you can give your fall leaves a second life.