8 Awesome Vertical Gardening Ideas For Your Garden

Vertical Gardening Ideas


Let’s be honest…

Some of these gardens you’ll see below are a little…crazy.  But crazy is good, because it helps us stretch our creative muscles and inspire us to get back out into the dirt and create something.  Whether you have a ton of space or are gardening in a small house or apartment, vertical gardening projects help to maximize your space – even allowing you to garden indoors!

Here are some of the coolest, most inspiring vertical garden’s we’ve found.

P.S. Do not leave without checking out #8!​

1. Insanely Cool Vertical Potted Garden

Vertical Pot Garden


2. Geometric Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden


3. Mixed Bag Vertical Garden

Vertical Mixed Garden


4. All-Wood Succulent Wall Garden

Vertical Garden Wall


5. Banded Vertical Striped Garden

Banded Vertical Garden


6. All-Fern Wall (Jurassic Park, Anyone?)

Vertical Fern Garden


7. DIY Chickenwire Potted Garden

DIY Vertical Garden


8. Six Story Mason Jar Indoor Garden

Awesome Vertical Garden


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