About Kendra Meador

Kendra Meador

Writer & Herbalist

Kendra Meador lives and works in Idaho as a photographer and writer. She is a novice herbalist and loves to learn about native plants and their medicinal uses. Being outside, either in the garden or the mountains, is where she is most content. Growing up, she always helped her grandmother in the garden from planting to harvesting, and carries on the tradition of canning a lot of her own vegetables.

Gardening is important to her because it not only provides healthy food, it helps her connect to nature and care for the land. She is now planting many of her own herbs and learning how to make tinctures, salves, and teas with what she grows and forages. Kendra also enjoys baking, creating artwork, and spending time with her husband and two teenage boys.

Q. What’s your favorite plant?

My favorite plant is Lavender. I used to hate the smell of it, but once I started growing my own, I came to love the scent. I enjoy looking at the pretty purple flowers and watching the bees dart from one stalk to another. It’s difficult to grow from seed, but it is satisfying to be able to finally plant one outside when it has been coddled for more than a year indoors.

Q. What is your “spirit vegetable”?

I would have to say I resonate with heirloom lettuce the most. I’m a bit old-fashioned and I prefer the simple things in life. I thrive in cooler weather—when it’s not too hot, nor too cold. The heirloom lettuce is a great reminder for me to remain resilient, because every time you cut off a one of its leaves, it grow’s back in a matter of days.

Q. What’s the most unusual plant you’ve grown?

I bought a small Crown of Thorns when I was visiting South Carolina almost 20 years ago. It has been challenging at times to figure out what it needs to thrive, but it has survived living with this Idaho gal through many moves and different indoor environments.

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