Sweat Bees: Friend or Foe in the Garden?

Agapostemon splendens

Have you ever been out working in your garden and suddenly discover you have a tiny bee sitting happily on your arm? These little creatures are sweat bees, and it likely thinks your sweat is delicious. But what exactly are sweat bees? Are they friend or foe? What do sweat bees do for us, and … Read more

Anthracnose: Preventing Leaf Spots and Blights


We all know when leaves begin to get spotted, there’s a problem. While there’s a lot of causes, today we’ll focus on one particular one: anthracnose. This fungal disease is widespread, affecting all sorts of plants from fruits and vegetables through grains, trees (both fruiting and non-fruiting), and ornamental plants. It is not generally fatal … Read more

Fusarium Wilt, Blight, And Rot: Treatment & Control

Fusarium spores under a microscope

Anyone who’s been gardening for a while is familiar with the dreaded fusarium wilt. Also called damping off, this fungal disease causes newly-sprouted seedling stems to collapse. It’s frustrating, but it’s certainly not unknown. But did you know that fusarium itself is a widespread genus of multiple species which can also cause a number of … Read more

Crabgrass: How To Get Rid Of This Weed For Good


Crabgrass can invade and conquer your lawn if you give it a chance. Little tufts of quick-growing wild grasses can create trip hazards, and it’ll spread like wildfire wherever there’s any open space. So what’s the best way to get rid of crabgrass? Is there a good crabgrass treatment? Today, I’ll tell you everything that … Read more

Root Maggots On The Rampage: Wiping Out Delia Species Pests

Delia antiqua maggots on leek

If you’re noticing a proliferation of flies, and your brassicas or root vegetables are starting to yellow, it’s a warning sign. You may have an infestation of root maggots. These fly larvae are no joke! Hungrily, they will chew through your plants, causing them to lose vigor, wilt, yellow, and possibly die off. Rescuing your … Read more