Peace Lily Care: Growing Spathiphyllum Plants

Spathiphyllum is one of the most beautiful houseplants out there. Peace lily care is surprisingly easy, and our guide will help you!

Peace lily

The peace lily is a famous houseplant known for its dark green foliage and white blooms. They’re indoor plants in most areas because peace lilies grow in a tropical environment in their natural habitat. With how available they are in garden centers, there’s no question that anyone has access to the tools needed to successfully grow one. 

Often pigeonholed as drama queens that are hard to plant sit (potentially even by a master gardener you know), peace lilies can be very sensitive to the conditions they’re grown in. While this does add a slight learning curve to their cultivation, that doesn’t mean it’s hard. Even the least plant-savvy among us have an easy time looking after these lovely plants.

One thing to know about these plants is they are toxic to humans and pets. Therefore, keep them out of reach of small children and fur friends. Now, let’s discuss the peace lily, and cover the basic needs of these popular indoor plants.