Homesteading is a lifestyle choice, a way of moving towards a more ecologically-sustainable means of living. While this practice isn't for everyone, there are definitely benefits to building your own homestead.

Contrary to popular belief, homesteading isn't relegated to rural communities, although it certainly thrives in them. One can homestead in the middle of a huge urban sprawl, too. You don't have to grow everything you consume (although you certainly can, if you have the space for it!), but just setting your foot onto the homesteading path is making a life commitment to a better future... not just for you, but for the world at large.

In the UK, we understand this is called "smallholding", and that term's equally appropriate here. Some consider it to be a form of prepping, and that can certainly be part of the process, but it could also be just as simple as adding solar panels or a water catchment system. The only limits you may encounter are your own imagination - and that's what we're here to help you with, a little useful inspiration to kick off your homesteading adventure.