Trees provide shade, cover, and may even produce fruit! Learn how to grow your trees successfully with our detailed guides.

A close-up captures the stunning beauty of a luxurious redbud tree in full bloom. The majestic tree boasts a vibrant green canopy overflowing with delicate pink flowers. Flowers form small, tightly packed clusters that resemble tiny puffs of cotton candy.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Redbud Trees

Thinking about adding a feature tree to your garden? Have you considered a rescue tree? With its stunning spring flowers and beautiful shape and foliage, it is a striking tree to add to your landscape. Master Gardener Laura Elsner will walk you through growing and maintaining redbud trees.

Close-up of a blooming Magnolia grandiflora in a sunny garden. The leathery, elliptical leaves have a deep green color on the upper surface and a velvety, rusty-brown underside. The massive, creamy-white flower has a waxy texture with numerous petal-like tepals.


How to Grow a Magnolia Tree from Seed in 8 Easy Steps

Magnolia trees can be propagated via softwood cuttings, grafting, air layering, and chip budding, but why not try your hand at starting one from seed? The reward of the extra time and energy spent is worth it when you enjoy a magnolia tree you started from seed! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she goes through eight steps you can take to do so.

A hand delicately pours crystal-clear water from a transparent plastic bottle into a blue-green stand of a Christmas tree. The water replenishes the base, sustaining a beautifully adorned organic Christmas tree.


Why Isn’t My Christmas Tree Drinking Water?

If your Christmas tree isn’t taking in water, there could be a simple explanation for why this is. In this article, tree decorating aficionado Melissa Strauss helps troubleshoot why your tree might not be as thirsty as it should be.

A gardener delicately holds an uprooted small conic spruce seedling with vibrant green leaves. The roots are carefully exposed, ready for planting. He wields a small shovel filled with rich, brown soil, preparing to nestle the plant into the earth.


How to Plant Your Live Christmas Tree

Are you bringing home a live Christmas tree this year? In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss will tell you how to plant your tree and bring beauty to your garden for a lifetime.

A close-up of a Christmas tree branch with green needles, displaying long spiky leaves. In the blurred background, dark foliage adorned with twinkling lights creates a festive atmosphere.


What Should I Add to Christmas Tree Water?

There are plenty of seemingly great ideas floating around regarding amending your Christmas tree water. In this article, Christmas tree enthusiast Melissa Strauss discusses the dos and don'ts of watering your tree.

Christmas tree with red decorations and lights close up


How Much Water Does a Christmas Tree Need?

If you’re wondering how to keep your cut Christmas tree looking fresh and green through the holidays, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how much water your tree really needs to hold onto those needles.