Ornamental Gardens

Learn how to cultivate beautiful ornamental gardens and how to troubleshoot common pests, diseases, and growing problems!

A close-up of a cluster of pink coralberry shrubs. The soft pink berries are like tiny jewels nestled among the green leaves. In the background, there are more coralberry shrubs, creating a blur of soft pink and green.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Coralberry Shrubs

Are you seeking a native shrub that thrives on neglect? Are you eager to add color to your fall and winter garden? Do you love dual-purpose plants that not only provide winter interest but food for wildlife and the ability to be used in cut flower arrangements? Coralberry could be just what you’re looking for. In this article, gardening expert Taylor Sievers sheds light on this lesser-known plant and its uses in the landscape.

The close-up features a cluster of Lady’s-mantle foliage, with several dewdrops glistening on the edge of a scalloped leaf. The leaves are a soft shade of green and have a crinkled texture. The background is slightly blurred, with hints of other foliage and sunlight peeking through.

Ornamental Gardens

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Lady’s Mantle

Are you looking for a classic garden perennial for perennial borders, cottage gardens, and rock gardens? Explore the loveliness of lady’s mantle as it softens the garden with velvety foliage and lime green bloom sprays. Lady’s mantle is an easy-to-grow old-fashioned perennial, with a bit of care and oversight from the responsible gardener. Here are guidelines on how best to plant, grow, and care for lady’s mantle in the garden.

A vibrant orange Turk's cap lily blooms magnificently, showcasing deep spots against its petals. The sturdy stem gracefully supports the flower, while a soft blur highlights lush greenery in the backdrop.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Turk’s Cap Lilies

Want to know a little more about Turk’s cap lilies? Thinking of planting some but not sure if they’re a good fit for your yard? In this article, certified master gardener Liz Jaros breaks down this much-coveted lily species and offers suggestions for growing Turk’s cap lilies like a pro.

A close-up of pink hardy geranium flowers, showcasing delicate petals with intricate patterns. Below the resplendent blooms, the leaves of these geraniums boast a rich green hue with deeply lobed, intricate patterns.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Hardy Geraniums

Are you looking for a low-maintenance flowering perennial with a wide range of colors, shapes, and heights that can be used in many different garden designs? Then look no further than the hardy geranium! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she tells us how to plant, grow, and care for hardy geraniums.

A close-up captures the stunning beauty of a luxurious redbud tree in full bloom. The majestic tree boasts a vibrant green canopy overflowing with delicate pink flowers. Flowers form small, tightly packed clusters that resemble tiny puffs of cotton candy.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Redbud Trees

Thinking about adding a feature tree to your garden? Have you considered a rescue tree? With its stunning spring flowers and beautiful shape and foliage, it is a striking tree to add to your landscape. Master Gardener Laura Elsner will walk you through growing and maintaining redbud trees.

This close-up features a succulent aloe vera plant called ‘Minnie Belle’. Its fleshy leaves sprawl outwards, each rimmed with a fringe of frosty white spikes, a surprising contrast to the typical smooth aloe edge.

Cacti & Succulents

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Minnie Belle Aloe

Looking for a fuss-free plant to grow in your home or cactus garden? While there are many aloes, ‘Minnie Belle’ is a small and unique aloe variety. It is a great starter plant for new gardeners and an interesting addition to experienced growers’ collections. In this article, master gardener Laura Elsner will walk you through how to grow ‘Minnie Belle’ aloe.