Ardisia: Caring For Christmas Berry Plants

Ardisia crenata

Throughout the winter, the red, coral, or off-white berries of the ardisia plant can be seen. This has earned it the common name Christmas berry, and it can really be a bright spot in the winter landscape! But it’s not limited to wintertime. This plant is evergreen in most climates that stay above 50 degrees. … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant Outdoors? Yes, It’s Possible!

Wandering jew plant outside

Is it possible to grow wandering jew plant outdoors? Absolutely. It started there, after all! But there’s some tricks to growing these plants so they thrive in an outdoor setting. Let’s talk about the best ways to provide for your Tradescantia-species plants. All wandering jew plants are similar in their requirements, so these tips will … Read more

Bleeding Heart Flower Care: Growing Dicentra Spectabilis

Red bleeding hearts

Ever wondered if there was a heart-shaped flower that you could give to your loved one? Well, look no further, because bleeding heart flower produces strings of up to twenty of them at a time! Dicentra spectabilis is now known officially as Lamprocapnos spectabilis. But it’s also referred to by its original taxonomical name. I’ll … Read more

Begonias: Bountiful, Beautiful Flowers And Foliage


Begonias are hugely popular plants among gardeners. These plants produce tons of colorful flowers and vivid bright green foliage. Wax begonias are stunning as bedding plants or in hanging baskets, these plants can be easy to care for. Named in 1690 for French botanist Michel Bagon, these plants became formal garden fixtures. Different species from … Read more

Ground Cover Plants As Lawn Replacements & Borders

Ground cover plants

Are you looking for ground cover plants? Because oh, are there a huge number of these plants available. They range in size from only an inch or two to nearly a foot tall. Some creep steadily along the ground, where others grow up, flop over, and then trail out. If you’re concerned about soil erosion, … Read more

Bachelor Buttons: Cornflowers And Blue Caps To Brighten Your Beds

bachelor buttons

One of my favorite flowers, bachelor buttons are sometimes called cornflowers. And it’s from there that the color “cornflower blue” derives its name! Also called basket flowers, blue bonnets, blue cap and many other names, this popular plant is a hardy annual. It blooms from spring through the fall months in an array of color. … Read more

Jacob’s Ladder Plant Care: Growing Polemonium Caeruleum

Jacob's ladder plant

Once upon a time, the Jacob’s ladder plant was called the “charity plant”, although it shouldn’t be confused with the Mahonia species that also bears that common name. It’s also been called “Greek valerian”, although it’s not a valerian. Confused yet? You shouldn’t be. Jacob’s ladder gets its common name from the ladder-like or pinnate … Read more

Java Fern: Underwater Plants For Water Gardens

java fern

Those of us who keep aquariums around to enjoy fish swimming around have an unusual outlet for gardening right in front of us. Growing java fern in our fish tanks is a great way to bring greenery indoors. Besides, your underwater pets will love it! Deep green in coloration, these aquarium plants are a perfect … Read more