Flowers are not only beautiful, but help pollinators and beneficial bugs in the garden. Learn how to grow them with our guides.

dracula orchid


How to Plant, Grow and Care for Dracula Orchids

Looking for a unique orchid to add to your plant collection? The dracula orchid is a unique orchid variety that will brighten up your plant collection. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares all you need to know about Dracula Orcids, including their maintenance and care needs!

perennials neglect


27 Flowering Perennials that Thrive With Neglect

Are you looking for some perennials that will thrive on a little neglect? There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your hardiness zone. In this article, gardening expert Kelli Klein shares some of her favorite perennial flowers that will grow just fine if you don't pay as much attention to them as you do other more high-maintenance plants.

native plants for hummingbirds


27 Native Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

Do you love watching hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, or have you always wondered how you can attract these beautiful birds to your landscape? If you live in a location with hummingbirds, you can easily create an environment to entice these little birds to visit your yard. In this article, gardening enthusiast and wildlife biologist Liessa Bowen will share 27 favorite native plants to attract hummingbirds.

fall cut flower garden


21 Flowers For The Perfect Fall Cut Flower Garden

Do you love the idea of growing your own flowers for creating unique floral arrangements? If you're thinking of planting a fall cut-flower garden, this article has the perfect flowers for the job. Here, gardening expert Melissa Strauss talks about 21 of her favorite fall-blooming flowers, perfect for a fall cut-flower garden.

Beautiful Rose growing in southern garden space.


17 Roses That Will Flourish in Southern Gardens

Growing roses in the South is challenging, but gardening shouldn’t be a constant battle. Plant the varieties known to flourish in heat and humidity, and you’re on your way to a healthy, blooming rose garden. In this article, expert gardener and rose enthusiast Danielle Sherwood shares her top roses for southern gardens.

flowers bloom at night


21 Night Blooming Flowers For a Captivating Moon Garden

Are you thinking about planting a Moon garden but are not sure where to start? A night-blooming garden is a stunning addition to an outdoor living space. In this article, gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares her favorite night-blooming plants that are perfect for a Moon garden.

scented geraniums


17 Scented Geraniums For Your Flowerbeds

Looking for a versatile and lovely smelling flower to plant this season? The scented geranium is a fantastic option for gardens of all types and sizes! In this article, gardening expert and cut flower farmer Taylor Sievers shares her favorite scented geraniums to add to your indoor or outdoor garden this season.

White Rose blooms on a background of green leaves


11 Rose Growing Myths Debunked

Are you intimidated by the contradictory rose-growing advice on the internet? Myths abound, leading to confusion and frustration. In this article, gardening expert and rose enthusiast Danielle Sherwood examines 11 common rose-growing myths and debunks them with research and common sense.



How to Plant, Grow and Care For Feverfew

Feverfew is a lovely flower that has many practical uses in the garden. It makes a great companion and is fairly low maintenance. In this article, gardening expert Logan Hailey shares everything you need to know about growing feverfew in your garden this season!

Grafted Roses in Garden growing close up


How to Get Rid of Rose Suckers in 5 Easy Steps

Does your rose suddenly look different than the variety you planted? Grafting is popular for increasing the hardiness and vigor of many varieties, but the rootstock can send out suckers that threaten your rose. In this article, gardening expert and rose enthusiast Danielle Sherwood explains why suckers happen and what to do about it.