White (Ghost) Pumpkins: Care, Types, and Growing Tips

White (Ghost) Pumpkins: Care, Types, and Growing Tips

All right, I’ll ‘fess up… I like a good shortcut. Something that can save me time and energy is guaranteed to make me smile. Take for example the white ghost pumpkin. White pumpkins can be made into a jack o’lantern with a ghostly twist using a few strokes of a knife or paintbrush, then turned … Read more

Money Tree Plant: Growing Healthy Pachira Aquatica

Money tree plant seed pods

The money tree plant inspires visions of infinite wealth. But we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees… right? Let me introduce you to the Pachira. Also called Malabar Chestnut or saba nut, among other names, it’s often called money tree. Believed to bring good luck, multi-trunked money trees are often carefully braided while … Read more

73+ Heirloom Apples You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When it comes to apples, most of us think of Granny Smith, Gala, or Red Delicious. What if I told you that there are dozens of apples that time has forgotten? Apples that we cultivated in the 1800’s and 1900’s that for some reason or another, disappeared from our diets? I wanted to figure out … Read more

Can You Eat Crab Apples? A Simple Guide To This Ornamental Fruit

Hewes Virginia Crab

It’s a question as old as time. Surely our ancestors asked themselves this same question, though they didn’t use the word we use today. It’s a question is still asked by gardeners around the world, especially if they see their child pick up something from the ground and go for a huge bite: Can you eat crabapples? … Read more

How and When to Harvest Garlic

When to Harvest Garlic

I have a love affair with garlic. I love that I can enjoy the fruits of your labor almost year-round. It’s a great veggie to grow, but there are a couple of tricks that you should know when it comes to growing and harvesting garlic. If you don’t know when to harvest garlic, you’ll run into … Read more

Growing Basil: Planting, Cultivating, Harvesting and Storing

Growing Basil

When Simon and Garfunkel recorded the song “Scarborough Fair,” they sang about parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. The first thought that goes through my head when I hear this song on the radio is “but what about basil?” I love growing basil! Maybe it took fifth place in Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrical choice, but it’s … Read more

6 Different Methods for Storing Garlic

How to Store Garlic

If you’re a garlic-lover and garlic grower like me, you’ve probably got a bunch of it either in your garden or in your home right this very moment. These beautiful and delicious plants have so much versatility in the kitchen that I like to grow a big patch of them every season and store them … Read more

What to Plant in a Salsa Garden?

Once summer hits, there is nothing better than pulling veggies out of your garden and whipping up a summer salsa. With a bit of elbow grease and a few tools, you can easily grow and product a salsa that couldn’t be more fresh. What Is A Salsa Garden? A salsa garden is just a normal garden, … Read more

How to Grow Pak Choi Microgreens Fast and Easy

How to Grow Pak Choi Microgreens Fast and Easy

Pak choi is a microgreen known by many names. Perhaps more recognizable as Chinese cabbage or bok choy, it’s a very easy microgreen to grow both in terms of the technique and its speed. You can get a fresh batch of pak choi microgreens every 10 days if you want, making it a great microgreen … Read more

How to Grow Kale Microgreens Fast and Easy

Kale microgreens are some of the faster and easier to grow micros out there, making them a great starter crop for beginners. It’s hard to mess these up! They perform equally well hydroponically or in soil. However, if you are harvesting them past the 10 day mark I would recommend either growing in soil or supplementing … Read more

How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens Fast and Easy

How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens Fast and Easy

Amaranth is one of the most visually striking microgreens you can grow. It’s translucent violet color pops on the plate and makes an amazing addition to almost any dish. I became so obsessed with the look of it while growing it that I took a time lapse of eight hours of growth just to see … Read more

How to Grow Cress Microgreens Fast and Easy

How to Grow Cress Microgreens Fast and Easy

Cress is a popular microgreen due to how easy it is to grow and the fact that it’s one of the most nutrient-dense greens out there. It even beats the Almighty Kale in terms of nutrient density according to the USDA. The peppery taste and unique leaf structure make it a chef favorite, used in … Read more