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Best HPS Bulbs

The Best HPS Bulbs For Your Garden

For years, HPS technology has proven itself one of the best grow light choices for indoor and outdoor gardeners who want big, consistent, and predictable harvests. In short, HPS delivers. …

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How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

Light affects us all in different ways. Some people want to raise their arms and greet the morning rays with gleeful shouts. Others turn into vampires and hide under the …

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Grow Room Ventilation 101

Indoor growers enjoy an endless growing season, complete control over growing conditions, and the convenience of growing inside. This all sounds great, but too often we forget about grow room …

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T5 grow lights

T5 Grow Lights: Our Top 7 Picks For 2022

Looking for T5 grow lights? We’ve got all the information you need to make the right choice for your indoor garden in our buyer’s guide!

Plasma Grow Lights 101

Plasma Grow Lights Guide for 2022

If you’re familiar with indoor grow lights and their development over the years, you know that there’s a lot of hot air and competition in the industry. LED vs. HPS, …

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Hydroponic orchids

Hydroponic Orchids

Ah, orchids…some of the most beautiful flowers that exist. Their balance of colorful blooms and woody, thick roots make them a favorite flower of gardeners around the world. A little-known …

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How to deal with transplant shock

How to Deal With Transplant Shock

Let’s talk about one of the more frustrating parts of propagating and transplanting: the dreaded transplant shock. The name makes it sound worse than it actually is, but transplant shock …

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