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Wendy Moulton

Wendy has been in the publishing industry for most of her career. She has been involved in editing three gardening books, but most of her work is published in magazines, with topics on general gardening and growing to eat. She is also the editor of a ‘braai’ magazine, which focuses on outdoor cooking and entertaining.

close up of hands holding an enclosed glass terrarium filled with pretty textured plants and rocks.


How to Make a Terrarium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever looked at a beautiful terrarium and wanted one of your own? In this article, gardening expert Wendy Moulton explores this captivating art form and each step to get you there. You may be surprised at how easy it is to create a mini ecosystem with the right tools and info. Let's dig deeper into terrariums and how to make one.

Close-up of a Monstera houseplant in a white pot on a light windowsill. This is the most popular tropical plant among statement houseplants and has an iconic appearance. This tropical plant features large, heart-shaped leaves with dramatic splits and holes that resemble Swiss cheese. The leaves are glossy and dark green.


27 Statement Houseplants for a Gorgeous Indoor Garden

What makes a statement plant? Is it its size, the color of the leaves, or the flowers? Or could it be because it stands out around other plants? To make a statement, you need at least one feature that will make you gravitate towards it to take a closer look. Here, gardening expert Wendy Moulton shares her list of plants that have that magnificence that attracts us to grow houseplants in the first place.

A close-up of a Paphiopedilum orchid, also known as a Venus slipper orchid. A velvety crimson pouch, adorned with delicate hairs, beckons pollinators closer. Exotic allure radiates from this flower, its polka-dotted texture like whispered tales of the rainforest.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Venus Slipper Orchids

Venus slipper orchids will captivate anyone with their interesting and detailed flowers. But anyone can also grow these beauties at home, with little fuss, and enjoy these exotic flowers for months on end. In this article, we delve into the wonders of Paphiopedilum orchids, why everyone should have one in their collections, and how to take good care of them.

A close-up showcases vibrant aloe vera leaves with long, succulent, and spiked edges. The sunlight kisses its surface, revealing a mesmerizing glow, and accentuating the plant's natural hues of green. Against a soft, blurred backdrop, the plant appears almost ethereal, evoking a magical aura.

Cacti & Succulents

What Kind of Soil do Aloe Vera Plants Need?

Aloe vera is a plant that is used more extensively than any other aloe out there. It has an abundance of value for health and can be grown in containers as a houseplant with the right care and guidance. In this article, find out what the perfect soil mix is for aloe vera grown in pots, the most important part of growing this plant.