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Madison Moulton

Madison is a writer, editor and life-long plant lover. After discovering an obsession with indoor gardening, she transformed her passion for plants into a career, contributing to various online and print publications in the gardening sphere. Through her writing, Madison hopes to encourage new gardeners to garden with the plants and the planet in mind.

Close-up of a bunch of fresh cut flowers on a white table. On the table there is also a glass vase full of water, a golden watering can and pruning shears. Women's hands are about to put flowers in a vase. Flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, carnations and Eucalyptus branches.


How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer: 11 Pro Tips

Cut flowers are known for their fleeting beauty. However, there are a few ways to slow the aging process, allowing you to enjoy your blooms for far longer. Gardening expert Madison Moulton explains 11 pro tips to extend the life of your cut flowers straight from the garden.

Three small gift boxes, tied in red bows, adorn a Christmas tree next to bundles of cinnamon sticks and candy canes.


15 Giftable Seed Collections to Shop This Black Friday

When shopping for gifts this Black Friday, a specially curated seed collection should be at the top of every garden lover's list. In this article, gardening expert Madison Moulton gives her picks for gifting yourself, friends, or family to spread the joy of gardening this holiday season.

Close up on a cluster of crimson and white Thanksgiving cactus blooms on green, prickly foliage, against a white backdrop.


How to Get Your Thanksgiving Cactus to Rebloom

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may look at your Thanksgiving cactus with no blooms, wondering whether it will flower again. Houseplant expert Madison Moulton explains the tricks to getting your Thanksgiving cactus to rebloom year after year.

Close up of a pink and white Thanksgiving cactus bloom at the end of a long, green cascading stem.


Why Isn’t My Thanksgiving Cactus Blooming?

Replicating native environments and managing care is essential if you want your Thanksgiving cactus to flower at the right time. Houseplant expert Madison Moulton explains eight reasons why your Thanksgiving cactus may not be blooming this year and what you can do about it.