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Dr. Liessa Bowen

Liessa started learning everything she could about plants, animals, and ecosystems at a young age. Since then, she's earned a Master’s degree in wildlife biology (Iowa State University) and a PhD in forestry (North Carolina State University), both with an emphasis on conservation biology and birds. She has worked as a greenhouse technician, wildlife biologist, educational consultant, and writer.

clematis varieties


Clematis Varieties: 39 Different Types of Clematis

Clematis can be a beautiful addition to just about any garden. They are easy to grow, and have massively beautiful blooms that different shades of color to any garden space. But which type of clematis should you grow? There are many different clematis varieties, and many of them can accent your garden in different ways. In this article, we take a deeper look at our favorite types of clematis cultivars to help you decide which might be best to plant this season!