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Jillian Balli


Hello! I’m Jillian. I’ve always had a tremendous fascination with plants and nature. My obsession with plants started in college after taking Botany 101. After that quarter, I switched my major from general agriculture to plant sciences. While in college, I got an internship working for a commercial greenhouse. After that summer, I knew this is exactly what I was meant to do! Now, I manage a citrus nursery and help produce over 800,000 trees every year for growers in California.

After purchasing my first home, I started a garden in my backyard. I’ve had some pretty major failures and some really awesome successes. Plus, there’s something therapeutic and satisfying about growing your own food. I’m excited to share all of my experiences and knowledge and hopefully inspire some new gardeners!

Q: What’s your favorite plant?

A: My answer to this question changes all the time. Right now, my favorite is passion fruit. The vine grows like crazy, has beautiful flowers, and really tasty fruit!

Q: What is your “spirit vegetable”?

A: My spirit vegetable is an artichoke because I have a big heart. You might have to peel back a ton of layers, but it’s definitely in there.

Q: What’s the most unusual plant you’ve grown?

A: The most unusual plant that I currently have is a saguaro cactus. I purchased a tiny one earlier this year. Saguaros are incredibly slow-growing, so I have no idea if it’s happy or if it hates me. All my other cacti are happy and growing well, so I can only hope my saguaro is happy too.

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