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Jerad Bryant

Jerad Bryant is a plant nerd, botanical writer, and avid gardener in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Jerad is an active member in his local community of plant nerds in both the Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group and the American Rhododendron Society.

This ecoregion wildflower features delicate, lacy leaves and clusters of vibrant blue, spherical flowers atop slender stems.


The Top 5 Wildflowers For Your Ecoregion

Wildflowers color landscapes with red, yellow, magenta, purple, and white flowers. They invite native animal species into our backyards with their delicious nectar and pollen. Join native plant gardener Jerad Bryant to discover what top five North American wildflowers thrive within your ecoregion.

Green celery plants stretch towards the sky; their stalks swaying gently in the warm sunlight.


5 Tips For Growing Celery in Raised Beds

Celery is an easy vegetable with the right care. It has more needs than your typical plant, but the rewards of a crunchy home-grown crop are worth it. These five tips from veggie gardener Jerad Bryant will have you harvesting bunches of celery in no time from your raised beds.

Coleus plants feature dark violet leaves with distinct green edges, showcasing a striking contrast.

Ornamental Gardens

13 Best Plants to Grow with Rhododendrons

If you love rhododendrons, you may wonder what other plants pair well with them. We’ve selected 13 ideal species to grow alongside small and giant rhododendrons. Read on with Jerad Bryant and discover which companion plants work best for your garden.

Pepper seedlings in a raised bed display delicate stems with smooth, oval-shaped leaves growing in pairs along the stem, highlighting the significance of adequate pepper spacing for optimal growth and airflow between plants.


How Far Apart Should You Space Pepper Plants?

Planting a garden full of peppers? You may be wondering how many you can fit in one space. Pepper plants need a bit of space to thrive and grow fruit. Read on alongside pepper grower Jerad Bryant and learn how much legroom they need.

The shishito pepper plant features slender, wrinkled green peppers hanging from lush, bushy foliage with broad, glossy green leaves.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Shishito Peppers

Mild, wrinkled, and incredibly flavorful, ‘Shishito’ peppers are growing into mainstays of American cuisine. One specimen produces dozens of wrinkly chile peppers on a compact plant, making it a perfect choice for gardens big and small. Learn how to nurture this variety alongside seasoned pepper gardener Jerad Bryant.

Dry red hot peppers with wrinkled bodies stored in a glass jar for long-term preservation.


How to Dry and Store Hot Peppers

Hot peppers grow dozens of fruit per plant! Preserve those excess harvests with these tried and true preservation methods. Follow along with pepper gardener Jerad Bryant to learn how to best dry and store hot peppers.

Golden feverfew flowers with delicate white petals encircling yellow centers, offering a striking contrast in colors.


17 Herbs With White Flowers

Herbs are wonderful plants that are aromatic, edible, and beautiful. These leafy plants contain oils that give them unique aromas and flavors. If you appreciate white flowers and smelly plants, you’ll love one of these 17 herbs with white flowers. Dive in with PNW gardener Jerad Bryant!