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Danielle Sherwood

Danielle is an avid gardener and rose enthusiast originally from the Pacific Northwest. She now gardens in the high desert of Washington State. She comes from a long line of professional gardeners, and is in the process of earning her Master Gardener certification. Danielle is an advocate for planting keystone native species and is an expert in growing roses.

Red Blooming Roses With Yellow Leaves

Plant Problems

9 Reasons The Leaves on Your Roses Are Turning Yellow

Are your rose leaves turning yellow and you don’t know why? There are multiple reasons leaves turn yellow, and some of them are easy to fix. In this article, hobby gardener and rose enthusiast  Danielle Sherwood explains the most common reasons you might see yellow rose leaves, and what you should do to address it!

Coral Orange Rose Growing in Garden


How to Plant, Grow and Care For Roses

Roses are iconic garden beauties. Their wide range of color, form, and size means there’s a type of rose out there for every garden. Often called the “Queen of all flowers”, roses bring history, elegance, blooming power and unrivaled fragrance to your garden. In this article, hobby gardener and rose enthusiast Danielle Sherwood refutes the fussy reputation of roses. Keep reading to learn how to care for them this season and beyond!

pink roses


27 Stunning Pink Rose Varieties For Your Garden

Considering adding pink roses to your garden this season, but aren't sure which ones to choose? Roses offer a dazzling array of pink shades ranging from charming and sweet to deep and romantic. In this article, we look at our favorite pink rose varieties, with names and pictures of each!

rose winter care tips


10 Care Tips to Help Prepare Your Roses For Winter

Need to prep your roses for winter this season, but aren't sure where to start? Winter care can be a challenge for some plants, including roses. In this article, gardening expert and rose enthusiast Danielle Sherwood shares her top tips for keeping your rose bushes protected this winter.