About Chelsea Fuss

Chelsea Fuss

Floral Designer & Gardener

Hello! I am Chelsea Fuss, a floral designer, instructor, and author. As a lifelong gardener, flowers and plants are also the focus of my work as a photographer, writer, and creator.

I grew my first cottage garden at 12 years old and later apprenticed on flower farms in the UK and organic farms across Europe. I’ve worked professionally in horticulture in the USA, owned my own flower shop, and designed with fresh cut flowers for over 20 years.

My current focus is my little balcony garden. I grow a mix of flowers, microgreens, veggies, and herbs in this small space. I try to have a circular approach with my garden, re-using, re-planting, and letting plants volunteer and re-seed.

Q. What is your favorite plant?

The sweet violet (Viola odorata) enchants me with its fragrant flowers, history as a cut flower, and edibility.

Q. What is your spirit vegetable?

The radish! I love their playful energy and ease of growth.

Q. What is the most unusual plant you’ve ever grown?

Not unusual at all, but perhaps a surprising approach? I love growing radishes for their flowers. They bloom in shades of pale pink and white, making sweet fillers for flower arrangements. The whimsical seed pods make a surprising addition to the garden.

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