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Teaching the World to Grow With The Epic Gardening April Giveaway

For over ten years, Kevin and the Epic Gardening Team have blended science and nature to put gardening knowledge in the palm of your hand. Our mission is to teach the world to grow. This year, we wanted to make it even easier for our followers to join in and get a head start.

That’s right! We’re offering up an awesome giveaway to one lucky gardener.

This giveaway is designed to give a gardener everything they need to start a garden, no matter the space or skills available to them. Each item in this bundle is geared toward growing a garden from seed to harvest. The Epic Giveaway Spring Bundle Includes:

Epic Homestead Book

Author Kevin Espiritu has built a modern, high-tech homestead on a modest urban lot. In Epic Homesteading, he teaches you how to do the same, wherever you live. Both indoor and outdoor growing are covered in the pages of this book. You’ll learn how to select a site, pick your plants, and grow them. Not only will you be primed with information about gardening with the items in the bundle, you’ll get a sense of how homesteading can happen right where you are.

Large Cedar Raised Bed

This 47 inch by 90 inch bed is perfect for gardeners who want the ideal combination of ease, beauty, and sustainability. Crafted in the USA from the finest North American western red cedar, our wooden raised beds have natural tannins and oils to protect the bed from rot, insect damage, and the elements. Along with a deep planting volume, this bed has a built-in top sill for easy tool access. Custom-cut dovetail joints allow for easy assembly by simply sliding pieces together, providing you and your garden with a timeless aesthetic.

Small Cedar Raised Bed

This 47 by 47 inch bed has everything our large cedar raised bed does, in a more compact form. Its under 16 square foot profile fits into large and small gardens alike, offering natural longevity with less of a footprint. The charming bed brings an aesthetic to your garden that is sure to last due to the natural composition of the wood. Place your pruners and beverage on the top sill for easy access as you tackle garden tasks. With the finest North American western red cedar, and easy assembly that requires no tools there’s no question you’re growing in style.

$250 Botanical Interests Gift Certificate

With the know-how and the raised bed you need to grow, now you need some seeds! Thankfully, Epic Gardening is the parent company of Botanical Interests, a viable source of reliable and viable seeds. Choose from carefully selected high-quality varieties, including many tried-and-true heirlooms. Or purchase superior gardening products after you’ve selected your seeds. But skip the seed starting supplies for now.

Two Universal Seed Bottom Trays

You need a base for seed-starting if you’re going to grow your own garden. That’s why the giveaway includes two 1020 Universal Bottom Trays (UBT) that make growing your own plants from seed easier. Our UBT allows you to get the benefits of bottom watering without any mess. It keeps all the water and soil with the plants, not all over your house. These are a staple for gardeners of any level who want to care for plants from their beginnings on.

12 Pack Epic 6 Cells

Having a 1020 is great, but it’s even better when you have durable, reliable seed starting trays to work with. Our Epic 6-Cell Trays are rigid, yet flexible and practically unbreakable to last the rest of your life. They are proudly made in the USA from recycled, UV-treated, and BPA-free plastic. Each individual cell in our Epic 6-Cell Trays features an air pruning side slot on all four corners to discourage root circling and encourage better root growth. The bottoms of each cell are also open providing air pruning at their lower end. All 12 of these fit perfectly into one of your UBTs.

8 Pack Epic 4 Cells

Just like our 6 Cells, our 4 Cells are sustainably made in the USA, and they’re designed to last a lifetime. And all of them fit into a single UBT with ease. Epic 4-Cell trays can be used for crops that need more rooting space such as melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. They can also be used for potting up seeds grown with our Epic 6-Cell trays. Relegate your second UBT to larger crops, or tier your seed starting operation by up-potting into them when your 6 Cell seedlings are large enough.

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4/1 12:00AM: Entries Begin

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May 2024: Winner Announced

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