Fusarium Wilt, Blight, And Rot: Treatment & Control

Fusarium spores under a microscope

Anyone who’s been gardening for a while is familiar with the dreaded fusarium wilt. Also called damping off, this fungal disease causes newly-sprouted seedling stems to collapse. It’s frustrating, but it’s certainly not unknown. But did you know that fusarium itself is a widespread genus of multiple species of soil-borne pathogen which can also cause … Read more

Common Hedging Diseases and How To Treat Them

Common Hedge Diseases

There are a number of common hedging diseases that can affect hedging of different types. This can lead primarily to discolouration, ruining the visual impact you’ve worked so hard to achieve with your hedging. In some – admittedly rare – cases, it can lead to plants dying. That’s why we’ve put this article together; so … Read more

Powdery Mildew Treatment and Prevention

Cucurbit powdery mildew

One of the most pervasive and annoying diseases that occurs on vegetable crops is powdery mildew. Though a powdery mildew infection isn’t uncommon in gardens, it’s important to understand the mechanisms behind this disease, and control it quickly to prevent its spread.  With so many susceptible plants, it’s likely you’ve come into contact with powdery … Read more