If you haven’t heard of the microgreens revolution, you’re in for a treat! They have been absolutely exploding onto the culinary scene in the past few years. These new forms of salad, soup, and garnish greens are showing up at all of the hottest restaurants in most major cities, along with local farmer’s markets.

Wait…What ARE Microgreens?

While the name sounds like it came straight out of the Monsanto agriculture labs, they’re actually a very simple product. Microgreens are plants that are sprouted and grown until their first set of true leaves, meaning the leaves that form after the cotyledons. Essentially they’re just normal greens harvested at a very young age. If you’ve seen those packages of baby spinach at the store, take a few weeks off of that harvest time and you can imagine what microspinach would look like.

Microgreens Are THE Best Urban Gardening Experiment

If you’re new to urban gardening, or you don’t have a lot of space in your cramped apartment or condo, then these delicious greens are going to be the easiest way to start working on that green thumb. You can grow an entire tray of microgreens, enough for 2-3 salads, in 14 days and 10″x20″ of space! If that doesn’t get you interested in growing microgreens, I don’t know what will!

I’ve put together a comprehensive microgreens growing guide that will ensure that you succeed with your first crop. The posts below will take you through every step of growing your first tray of microgreens, all the way from preparing your tray to harvesting, cleaning and eating!

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    • Hey Bev,

      Chia seeds are mucilaginous, meaning they form a gel around their casing once they are exposed to water. If you plant your chia seeds too close together, they will stick together because the gel touches and they will then pull each other out of the soil! Try to plant a lower density.

  1. I got everything I need for my microgreens but the soil, i’m going to buy that today, can’t wait to get started, i’m also going to try my hand at growing sprouts, hope everything turns out ok.

  2. I haven’t even begun my hydroponics scientific experiment yet, but I have just started with microgreens. I chose microgreens because the results would be rapid, & there were 700 seeds in the packet. I started them in coconut coir after reading extensively at this site.
    I purchased seeds from Sow True Seeds, because they are organic, but also because they are located where I live (Asheville, NC).
    I see evidence of germination already; it has been 24 hrs.

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