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Liz Jaros

Liz Jaros is a professional writer and gardener who calls the Midwest home. She divides her time between running a small landscape design business, writing garden content and volunteering as a Certified Master Gardener. Formally educated in both horticulture and journalism, Liz is either working with plants or writing about them. She specializes in urban yard restoration and small property landscaping for metro area homeowners.

Gardener planting a yellow blooming Dahila in hardiness zone 5.


When To Plant Dahlias in Zone 5 For The Best Results

If you live in zone 5 and want to plant some dahlias, it can be confusing to understand when to plant them for the best results. Dahlias can be fickle flowers depending on their climate and growing conditions, so planting at the right time will give you the best opportunities for better blooms. In this article, gardening expert Liz Jaros examines the optimal timing to plant your dahlias in zone 5.