Worm Castings: Powerhouse Poop From Wiggly Worms

Worm castings

Of the organic fertilizers and amendments available, worm castings are some of the best. It’s not because they’re packed with a high NPK. It’s because they provide microbes that improve the uptake of slow-release fertilizer over a long period of time! These powerhouse poops provide beneficial bacteria and enzymes to the soil. This addition ensures … Read more

Plant Nutrients Explained: Everything You Ever Need To Know

Ready for a test? With paper and pencil, make a list of ALL nutrients that plants need to grow properly. We’ll wait…no cheating! Here’s the list to check yourself against: Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium Calcium Magnesium Sulfur Chlorine Copper Manganese Iron Boron Molybdenum Zinc Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen There are more elements here than you listed, I … Read more