Why Pot Growers are Better at Hydroponics Than You

What if I were to tell you that people who cultivate marijuana – like the dude above – are much better at hydroponics and you are? Would you believe me?

It doesn’t really matter if you believe me or not.

Pot growers are way better at hydroponics then you (or me) are.

Why? There are some very good reasons.

They Run a Business and/or Are Very Passionate About Their Results

Marijuana growers are growing a product to sell to the market. Not only that, they are selling this product at such a massive markup relative to cost of production that there is a high incentive to produce extremely high-quality product and capture a lot of their respective markets.  When you run a business, you start caring a whole lot more about optimizing every single aspect of your production.

If they produce sub par marijuana, they’re not going to be able to sell it.  In a business where one bad batch will kill your credibility for a long time, you better believe that there is massive motivation to make sure that their product is as high quality as possible.

Because of this, they spend a LOT of time researching the best methods to grow their plants. There’s even a Cannabis Grow Bible that’s specifically dedicated to cultivating the plant.  It’s as big as some gardening books that are written about hundreds of plants…that’s how serious they are.  Think about it…when is the last time you saw a book that was dedicated specifically to growing tomatoes?

EDIT: Looks like there is one after all :p.

What Makes Them Better?

Simply put, there were the growers are much more meticulous about all the different aspects of their growth. This means that they’re paying special attention to:

  • Water temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air temperature
  • PPM
  • pH
  • Lighting output
  • Proximity of lighting to foliage
  • Nutrient feeding schedule
  • Ventilation
  • Amount of CO2 in the air

And a host of other considerations. You better believe that they’re not tracking all this by simple memory. Most of them are keeping a garden journal so they can look at this data over time and understand where they are seeing inefficiencies or areas to correct.

You Don’t HAVE To Be This Crazy

If you’re just a hobbyist growing some lettuce or herbs, there’s no real reason to get this in depth.  However, if you’re someone it’s a ready interested in hydroponics, my bet is that you love science and experimentation.  If that’s the case, why NOT try to optimize your grow and produce bigger, healthier, more efficiently grown plants in less time? Isn’t that part of the goal of hydroponic gardening and urban gardening in general? We’re trying to maximize output in a minimal amount of space, so making sure that you track all of these things and understand which tweaks will produce a better result is going to help you go a long way in hydroponics.

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