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A close-up of white Mock Orange blooms reveals delicate petals with a hint of ivory at their core. The glossy, elliptical leaves provide a backdrop, glistening in the warm sunlight.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Mock Orange

Are you a fan of natural fragrances in your home? Are you searching for a low-maintenance shrub that provides early-season blooms? Then Mock Orange is for you! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she discusses this lovely shrub and why it might be right for your garden.

A wood raised bed holds a variety of leafy greens and a trellis system for vining vegetables.


31 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables For Beginners

Are you planning a garden for the first time? We were all beginners at some point, so have no fear! Join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich as she goes through 31 easy-to-grow vegetables for beginners or those who want to brush up on some basics.

A close-up of plump, crimson raspberries hanging delicately from a verdant branch. The vibrant, sun-kissed leaves surrounding the ripe raspberries, their deep green hues illuminated by the gentle rays of sunlight.


How to Prepare Raspberry Bushes for Winter

It’s the time of year when garden cleanup and winter preparation are in full swing, and this includes your raspberry bushes! Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she gives 7 easy steps to prepare your raspberry bushes for winter.

a row of lettuce seedlings sprout from a garden bed filled with rich, dark soil.


How to Grow Delicious Lettuce From Seed 

Lettuce is a vegetable every home gardener should have in their lineup. Follow along with gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich to learn how to start lettuce from seed so you have fresh salads and crunchy BLTs all season.

A close-up of Zinnia flowers reveals a vibrant array of colors, from fiery reds to delicate pinks and sunny yellows. Surrounding these blossoms are lush green leaves and slender, elegant stems that support the floral display.


15 Common Zinnia-Growing Problems

Zinnias are a beloved annual flower, bringing cheer and bright colors to gardens worldwide. However, growing them comes with some potential issues. Join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich as she discusses cultural mistakes, diseases, and pests that might disrupt a successful zinnia garden patch.

A thriving blueberry bush stands in a radiant patch of sunlight, its vibrant green leaves glistening. The sun's golden rays gently kiss the plump, deep-blue berries hanging from delicate branches.


How to Prepare Blueberry Bushes for Winter

Are you dreaming of summer blueberry abundance already, like I am? It’s important to prepare your blueberry bushes for winter so they’re healthy and strong next season. Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she gives 7 easy steps to prepare your blueberry bushes for winter.

Close up of a gardener's hand carefully selecting the weakest and smallest sprouts to thin from a row.

Gardening Tips

How to Thin Seedlings For A Productive Garden 

Have you ever wondered why you should thin your seedlings and what the best way is to do so? Which crops need to be thinned? Join gardening expert and organic farmer Jenna Rich as she goes through the hows, whens, and whys of thinning seedlings for healthy plants.

A small green pumpkin ripens on the vine next to leafy tendrils and squash blooms.


Should You Bury Pumpkin Vines? 

Growing pumpkins requires lots of space, energy, and patience. You might be wondering how to control the unruly vines and how best to get them the water, nutrients, and stability they need to thrive. Join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich as she discusses when and why you should bury pumpkin vines and how to do it in your own garden.

A view of a high tunnel hoop house. It is a semi-circular structure with metal hoops supporting a translucent, polyethylene plastic. Inside grows a variety of vegetables in different growth stages. The vegetables have leaf sprouts in various shades of green.

Gardening Tips

9 Benefits of Growing in High Tunnels

If you’ve been thinking about adding a high tunnel to your farm or garden and are wondering if it’s worth the hassle, join small-scale farming expert Jenna Rich as she discusses key benefits and some drawbacks to help you decide if this step is right for you.