Get Paid To Care For An EPIC Home Garden Full of Hundreds of Varieties of Edible and Ornamental Plants in Sunny San Diego, California

If you wish you could cultivate plants for a living…

If you want your work to be seen by millions of people in 100+ countries…

If you think it’s important that more people learn to grow their own food…

Then this page could quite literally change your entire life.

Epic Gardening is one of the largest multi-platform gardening education companies in the world.

Our mission is to help 100,000,000+ people learn how to grow their own food, cultivate plants successfully, and as a result, life a more healthy, sustainable life for themselves and the world at large.

5 Reasons to Become an Epic Gardening Garden Manager

Tend to a Diverse Collection of Hundreds of Varieties

Whether they be ornamental flowers, annual veggies, or fruit trees, you’ll have access to experiment with pretty much any plant your green heart desires due to our moderate climate in Zone 10b here in San Diego, California.

Want to try a plant we’re not growing? No problem, if there’s space in the garden…we’ll make it happen.

Test Time-Honored and Experimental Gardening Methods

Raised beds, containers, in-ground, trellising systems, plant pruning and training…there’s no limit to the different ways you’ll be able to garden. Our mission is to show as many methods as possible, so people in all living situations and economic strata are able to grow some of their own food.

Your Work Will Be Seen By Millions

On YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, the podcast, the blog…the literal fruits of your labor will be part of the Epic Gardening universe, used in our educational material to help other growers learn to have the same level of success with the plants in their garden.

If you want your successes in the garden to help others, there is no better role.

Endless Opportunities to Grow

We mean this quite literally, but also figuratively. Epic Gardening is growing at an extremely rapid pace, and with more opportunities to expand to new properties, start an Epic Market Farm, or develop new platforms and projects, the Garden Manager role is one that can be 

Join a Company That Actually Has a Real Mission

Do you care about helping people? At Epic Gardening, we are laser-focused on our mission of helping 100 million people learn to grow food.

We’re a for-profit company, but our core operating principle is NOT to maximize profits. Instead, it is to maximize value output to the millions of people around the world that come to us for fun, informative, and engaging gardening education and products.

What We Expect From You

You have unique gardening experience – Ideally at a scale at or above a small nursery. Our founder Kevin is a self-taught gardener and is looking for team members who can round out his experience with a variety of gardening and horticultural backgrounds.

You love spending time in the garden – There’s no such thing as a garden ‘chore’ to you. Pruning, mulching, moving soil, starting seeds, transplanting, troubleshooting plant problems…you

You’re organized and pay extremely close attention to detail – Plants should not die of neglect under your watchful eye.

You’re able to track dozens of different garden projects at a time –  From an annual vegetable garden to a container garden to a full-on orchard to progress of individual plants for video, audio, and graphic content.

You’re a research nut – If you don’t know how a plant grows, or the best methods in which to do so, you’re not afraid to dig into gardening literature, whitepapers, university research, and call upon experts to figure the answer out and communicate it with the team.

To Apply

Fill out the application form here and we will be in touch if you’ve moved to the next stage of interviews.