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Indoor Grow Lights

Growing Plants with LEDs: An Epic Gardening Guide

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I was fortunate enough to pick up a Lighthouse Hydro 270w LED light system from the company to review and document an entire hydroponic grow with LED lighting.

Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 270w FSF Initial Impressions


  • Size: 15″ L x 11″ W x 3″H
  • Coverage Area: 2′ x 3′ (@ 18”), 2.5′ x 3.75′ (@24”), 3′ x 4.5′ (@ 36”)
  • LED Chipset: 3w High Output – 60mil
  • Number of LED’s: 90
  • Red/IR: 680nm, 660nm, 630nm
  • White: 12000k
  • Blue/UV: 425nm, 460nm
  • Worldwide Voltage: 100v-240v
  • Modular Power Supply (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)
  • Daisy Chain Ready (Link up to 4 Chrome 270’s using 1 power cord)





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