Tradescantia Fluminensis: The Wandering Willie Plant

Tradescantia fluminensis-

We’ve discussed the wandering jew plant in the past quite heavily. But today, we’re zeroing in on a particular subspecies. The white flowered wandering jew plant Tradescantia fluminensis, with its wide array of names, is a common houseplant. While it’s avoided in some parts of the world for many reasons, it’s become common in warmer … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant Outdoors? Yes, It’s Possible!

Wandering jew plant outside

Is it possible to grow wandering jew plant outdoors? Absolutely. It started there, after all! But there’s some tricks to growing these plants so they thrive in an outdoor setting. Let’s talk about the best ways to provide for your Tradescantia-species plants. All wandering jew plants are similar in their requirements, so these tips will … Read more

Persian Shield: Caring For Strobilanthes Dyeriana

Persian shield

Are you into purple plants? Do you like the notion of a plant that is low-maintenance, rarely has any pest or disease issues, and which will brighten up a room? In that case, consider the Persian shield plant! This tropical plant, which originates in southeast Asia, makes a fantastic plant whether indoors or out. The … Read more