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How to spread mulch

How To Spread Mulch The Right Way

Laying mulch is necessary for moisture retention, erosion control, and weed reduction. We explain how to spread mulch in your garden spaces!

Seeds not germinating

Seeds Not Germinating? Try These Fixes

We’ve all had issues with seeds not germinating. From temperature to germination rate, we break down methods to fix your problems!

Frost blanket

Frost Blanket: Protection For Plants

A frost blanket may be just the thing you need for both winter plant protection and spring pest prevention. We explore their use and function!

Growing alfalfa

Growing Alfalfa: Forage Or Garden Fuel

A stand of growing alfalfa can be a future rich nutrient for the soil or fodder for local livestock. We explain how to grow alfalfa yourself!

How to transplant seedlings

How To Transplant Seedlings Safely

Once you know how to transplant seedlings, you open up a world of new seed possibilities. We provide a hands-on guide to the best practices!