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Plant Labels: How to Make Sense Of Them

Tagetes erecta, Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii, Canna generalis, Zinnia elegans. These are just some of the words you’ll find on the plant labels at your local home and garden store. …

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How to break down a fallen tree

How to Make Firewood Logs from a Fallen Tree

When faced with the rising cost of natural gas and oil, some homeowners decide to choose a more economical source of fuel: firewood. Nowadays, it’s become an abundant natural resource …

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6 Perfect Plants For Your Window Boxes

  Window boxes are a popular choice for urban gardeners due to their small size and efficient location. But the options for what to plant window boxes can overwhelming to …

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6 Ways to Keep Composting in Winter

For many people, winter is about cozy open fires, slippers and huddling inside. Few people give much thought to their garden during the winter, let alone the compost pile. But …

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what do you do with tomato suckers

What Do You Do With Tomato Suckers?

If you’re an avid tomato grower like me, you most likely have had to deal with tomato suckers at some point or another. They’re tricky little things, and I really …

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