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How to grow chayote

How To Grow Chayote, Mirliton, or Choko

Chayote is unique and different, but also quite tasty. We explain how to grow chayote so you can enjoy this squash-like vegetable at home!

Mouse melons just after harvest

Cucamelon Plant: Mighty Mouse Melons

The cucamelon plant, sometimes called mouse melon or Mexican sour gherkin, produces tasty thumb-sized treats. Our guide shares growing tips!

Jicama plant

Jicama Plant: A Vine With Tasty Tubers

The jicama plant is well-known as a Mexican staple, but it’s a delicious addition to anyone’s food garden, too! We explore growing this vine.

Pepper companion plants

Pepper Companion Plants: Produce Pals

Improve the taste of your produce and lessen pests by choosing the right pepper companion plants. Our guide shares some of our best tips!

Cucumber companion plants

Cucumber Companion Plants: Pickle Pals

Once you find the right cucumber companion plants, you’ll have an easier time growing them. We discuss intercropping tips for your cucumbers!