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Endive plant

Endive Plant: Cool-Weather Greens

The endive plant, sometimes called escarole, is one of many lovely leafy greens we use in salads and soups. Our growing guide reveals more!

Watercress plants growing

How To Grow Watercress In Your Garden

Learning how to grow watercress gives you a water-loving plant option that’s tasty! We’ll share our tips for growing this water-loving plant.

Marshmallow plant

Marshmallow Plant: Ancient Candy Source

The marshmallow plant gets its name from the marshes, but also spawned the candy of the same name. Learn to grow this plant with our guide!

How to harvest lettuce

How To Harvest Lettuce Of All Types

Do you know how to harvest lettuce you’ve grown? Whether it’s head or leaf lettuce, we have tips to walk you through harvest time.

How to grow napa cabbage

How To Grow Napa Cabbage In Your Beds

If you know how to grow Napa cabbage, you’re in for a treat. This mild and unassuming brassica is a tasty addition to meals. We’ll share how!

Growing nasturtium

Growing Nasturtium for a Peppy Garden

Want something festive and tasty? Nasturtium flowers perfectly embody the vibrancy of summer with their bright red, yellow, and orange and bold, peppery flavor. You’ll love how growing nasturtium quickly …

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