FELCO Pruners: Comparing Your Options

Felco pruners are the best pruners on the market right now, but there's many variations. Our guide helps you find the right one for you!

Felco 14 Pruners


Are you in the market for a new bypass pruner or snipping trimmer? Perhaps the cutting quality of the pruners you’ve used in the past has been lackluster, and you want a quality tool that will improve your overall gardening experience. FELCO pruners are high-quality tools that make clean and precise cuts, improving the healing ability of plants they come in contact with. 

FELCO is a Swiss brand that offers expert quality tools in multiple cutting capacity variations. They offer innovative and durable solutions for both professional growers and home gardeners. Used as often in viticulture or nursery situations as much as it is at home, these sturdy and reliable tools are by far one of the most important elements for any gardener’s tool chest.

Each pruner that we’ll review here is great for both daily pruning and occasional use. Replacement parts are available and easily sourced for customers who need them. Each pruner grip is specialized for varying functions and is manipulatable by bare fingers or those in gloves. All models are designed to last a lifetime.

We’ll start with a review of the FELCO products in their lineup of pruning tools, then we’ll go over the specific features of each. Finally, we’ll review the products in comparison so you can make the best choice when deciding which pruners to purchase.

Product Features
Kevin's FavoriteFelco 2 PrunersKevin's Favorite
  • Classic model
  • One-handed shears
  • 1 inch-wide cuts
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Compact ModelFelco 6 PrunersCompact Model
  • Ergonomic
  • One-handed shears
  • .79 inch-wide cuts
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Angled PrunersFelco 8 PrunersAngled Pruners
  • Angled cutting head
  • One-handed shears
  • 1 inch-wide cuts
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Lefty PrunersFelco 9 PrunersLefty Pruners
  • Angled cutting head
  • Left-handed shears
  • 1 inch-wide cuts
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Small PrunersFelco 14 PrunersSmall Pruners
  • Ergonomic
  • Small-handed shears
  • .71 inch-wide cuts
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Small SnipsFelco 321 Pruning & Trimming SnipsSmall Snips
  • Easy-to-use polymer clasp
  • Straight chromium blades
  • 7 inches total
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Large SnipsFelco 322 Pruning & Trimming SnipsLarge Snips
  • Easy-to-use polymer clasp
  • Straight chromium blades
  • 7.5 inches total
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A Breakdown Of FELCO’s Pruner Line

FELCO produces high-quality tools that can be disassembled for cleaning, sharpening, or repair between each use. Replacement blades are readily available for purchase if needed. These pruners are easy to use and have carbon-based hardened steel blades with chromium coating to prevent corrosion and make blade crossing smoother. The handles of each tool are ergonomic, cushioned, non-slip, and phthalate-free. Each has a sap groove and a wire-cutting notch that promotes a clean and precise cut every time. Compared to other pruning shears these are top-notch. 

Let’s review each of the features of these select bypass pruner and trimmer models. All models listed here have many benefits associated with their design. If you want to know what the best pruner is for your specific needs, read on!

FELCO 2: Kevin’s Favorite

Felco 2 Pruners
The Felco 2 is Kevin’s long-time favorite!

FELCO 2 is perhaps the most beloved model of pruners out there – or at least FELCO 2 is our favorite. This classic model bypass pruner includes FELCO Tools’ characteristic hardened steel blade, sap groove, and anvil blades that can be taken apart to be sharpened. The reinforced anvil blade provides clean cuts strong enough for heavy-duty pruning. The sturdy phthalate-free non-slip handle pruner grips are designed for increased comfort suitable for those with large hand sizes. A shock absorber prevents hand strain while rubber grips provide comfort. The spring is made of multiple parts that are all replaceable. The FELCO 2 is an excellent pruner for any basic pruning needs. 

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FELCO 4: Standard Model

These standard pruners include a steel blade. The design is durable and rugged, making the model great for all kinds of pruning tasks. It also helps gardeners cut down on time wasted pruning with other brands of shears, as function is paramount in this lightweight model. The shears are designed to cut easily and quickly, with a wire notch that keeps the pruners sharp even under much duress. These pruners are adjustable, allowing for excellent precision. Just like other models, all parts can be replaced through the website as needed. Currently, the Epic Gardening shop does not stock model 4, but if you’re interested in them let us know!

FELCO 6: Compact Model

Felco 6 Pruners
Felco 6 is a compact model, usable by people with medium-sized hands.

This model pruner with outstanding reach and cutting power is designed for medium hands. Like the other pruner models, customers have access to replacement parts, including blades with wire-cutting notches, and springs. The unique features of this pruner include the ergonomic design and the ability to adapt to all hand sizes. The compact, lightweight design combines with sturdy cutting power to make the best cuts possible every time you prune. The rubber shock absorber protects hands from strain, and the angled head reinforces the ergonomic comfortability in the overall design. Pruners can be adjusted via the micro-metric setting mechanism for scalpel-like precision.

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FELCO 8: Angled Pruners

Felco 8 Pruners
The Felco 8’s have a uniquely-angled head that makes it easier to get into hard spaces.

This pruner model offers a reduced risk of cutting strain on wrists. The sap groove prevents sticking and improves cutting efficiency. The wire cutter helps you cut branches of varying sizes without the risk of dulling the blades in the process. If after a review and examination of your tools you realize it’s necessary, it’s easy to reorder parts as needed to replace older ones. Like the compact model, this pruner has an angled head for ergonomic comfort but allows you to cut larger widths. That’s why this model is ideal for heavy-duty cutting. 

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FELCO 9: Lefty Pruners

Felco 9 Pruners
Felco 9’s are perfect for left-handed gardeners!

Model 9 is perfect for left-handed cutting. Like Model 8, this pruner has sap groove blades that improve their sharpness, reducing the risk of dullness over time. Like every model, customers have the option to review and reorder blades, the spring, and all other parts, so your pruners will be able to be in top condition for years to come. The ergonomic design is especially useful for larger hands, and the angled cutting head is seamlessly included in the design to become a natural extension of the hand. The head also reduces wrist strain, and the attached spring has soft closing action that makes cutting easy. 

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FELCO 13: 2-Handed Pruners

This high-quality pruner makes cutting large branches with one or two hands simple. The nickeled spring retracts to allow cuts up to 1.18 inches in diameter. These pruner shears cut above their weight, making it easy for you to remove large branches. A review of unique model 13 pruner features includes its ability to adapt to smaller or larger cuts, an ergonomic design, and an extra-long left handle for maximum leverage. Rubber shock absorbers keep wrists safe even in periods of repeated cuts. The double notched thumb catch allows for a very wide full-open position. Currently, the Epic Gardening shop does not stock these pruners, but let us know if you’d like them!

FELCO 14: Small Pruners

Felco 14 Pruners
The Felco 14’s are ideal for people with small hands to use.

This model 14 pruner is great for gardeners cutting with smaller hands. The lighter weight design makes this is an optimal pruner model for children. The blades are detachable and can be sharpened as with every other model. And the shock-absorber delivers a soft-closing action that reduces wrist strain. In other unique features, the model 14 is adaptable to all hand sizes, making them appropriate for every gardener in a household. They have exceptional maneuverability and incision power. Each cut is of the highest quality, ensuring no damage comes to trees and plants. 

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FELCO 321: Small Snips

Diverging from pruning tools, the 321 model allows for cuts from carbon steel blades and a max length of 7 inches. Considering its most unique features, the rotating handles are made of steel, allowing for good leverage as you trim herbs and deadhead flowers. These trimmers are designed to be adaptable for both right and left-handed people, and the flexible pin spring prevents muscle tension buildup. The design is compact, lightweight, and ergonomic. The polymer clasp is easy to use with gloved or bare hands. 

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FELCO 322: Large Snips

The 322 model has carbon steel blades and a max length of 7.5 inches. The rotating handle is also made of steel and has maximum durability. Much like the 321, the rotating handle with a polymer clasp is navigable by gloved and bare hands. The rotating handle also sits behind the longer blade making it possible for gardeners to reach deeper into aromatic herbs, and bushes.

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Comparing The FELCO Pruner Lineup

So let’s review the products we’ve discussed so far, and review their features in comparison to one another. While each pruner is unique, there is an overlap between certain pruner models. As you read, consider which tool will work best for your garden and for your personal needs so that you can cut the right diameter of branches in preparation for your spring garden, or in the fall when it’s time to break things down! 

FELCO 2, 4, and 6

FELCO 2, 4, and 6 are similar models. The main difference between them is the handle and the head. Model 2 has a wider handle, giving users more padding and gripping grooves for optimal comfort. 4 has a thinner handle that has a specific ergonomic design. 6 has an ergonomic handle with a width that sits between 2 and 6. The head of 2 is not angled but still satisfies every pruning need. 4’s head is the same. 6’s head is angled, reinforcing the ergonomic feel of the design. Remember, for these and all other models, all parts are replaceable, and all three will make an excellent pruner for your gardening needs.

FELCO 8 and 9

Both models 8 and 9 have sharp cutters and handles with a specifically ergonomic design. Both have a slightly angled-down head that assists with a natural feel in the pruning process. They also both have a light and comfortable design that makes even the most demanding prune more efficient. The only difference between the two is model 9 is oriented so it is a great option for left-handed people. 

FELCO 13 and 14

While both models 13 and 14 can be handled by gardeners wearing gloves, the handles of 13 allow for more ease of access by gloved hands. 14 also has an angled head that gives cuts a much more natural feel. 14 is also a great pruner for small hands. That means children can use 14 to help out in the garden. As with all other models, you can order and replace worn-out parts. 

FELCO 321 and 322

Models 321 and 322 are not true pruners, but snipping trimmers and are more suited for viticulture, cutting herbs, trimming fine-stemmed foliage, and deadheading — or all the detail work that you don’t need a heavy blade to do! They’re meant for softer materials that you don’t need a super-sharp bypass pruner to cut through and can be used to harvest cherry tomatoes or to mow down your microgreens with ease. The sharp scissor blades are replaceable along with all other parts. The main difference between the two models is the length of the scissors. 321 has a total length of 7 inches, and 322 has a 7.5-inch total length, making it easier to reach into bushes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which FELCO pruner is the best?

A: Kevin loves his FELCO 2. But each style is different and suited to varying needs. Do a review of the content above to see which is best for you!

Q: What is the difference between FELCO 2 and 4?

A: Model 2 has a wider handle, giving users more padding and gripping grooves for optimal comfort. 4 has a thinner handle that has a specific ergonomic design. 

Q: Are FELCO the best?

A: We certainly think so! They’re the only company out there with products that are designed for comfort and last a lifetime.