I created Epic Gardening to help 10,000,000+ people learn how to grow their own food and incorporate plants into their lives. I can’t do it alone…I need your help.

If you have experience in edible gardening, houseplants, hydroponics, aquaponics, or any other aspect of growing plants, I’d love to have your expertise featured on the site.

I pay $40 for every contributor article that’s published on Epic Gardening.

What Type of Articles Do I Publish on Epic Gardening?

Epic Gardening is a site by gardeners, for gardeners…no matter what their skill level. Our readers love in-depth, practical how-to guides across a variety of plant care topics. Most importantly, you have to know your stuff. You need real-world experience in the topics you’re writing about to be published on Epic Gardening.

This means that if you want to contribute solely to push a product, service, or website, you’re not qualified to be a contributor. Feel free to contact me for advertising options though.

Article Ideas That Work

If you do want to write because you want to share your knowledge and expertise, here are a few ideas for the type of article that work best (and have a high chance of getting approved):

  • The steps you take to do or make something
  • Why do you think “X” is great and why people should try/do/have it too
  • Something you discovered that works surprisingly well and makes your life better
  • A concept you know well that you think a beginner would appreciate if you explain it

Tips to Get Your Article Approved

I don’t publish every article that I receive, only ones that fit the mission of Epic Gardening and meet my editorial standards. This means that I might approve your title or topic, but not approve the final draft due to the quality of the content.

To avoid this, keep these tips in mind when writing a piece:

  • Keep the reader in mind and be helpful
  • Make sure there isn’t a similar article already published on Epic Gardening by using the search bar
  • Be comprehensive and don’t leave any information out
  • Write in simple, concise langauge
  • Provide sources for your articles
  • Bonus: Provide original photos with your article

Apply to Contribute

Below you’ll find an embedded form you can use to tell us about yourself and the article you want to write. If you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch with the next steps.

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What is the Writer Pool?

Once or twice a month, I email out a list of topics to the Writer Pool. If you’re in the pool, you’ll get this list and will be able to select a topic to write about. Then, we’ll work together on the article and you’ll get paid for your work.

It’s a great way to contribute awesome gardening content to Epic Gardening on an ongoing basis. However, the approval process is strict – only dedicated gardeners with real-world experience will be allowed in the pool.