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Snail vs slug

Snail Vs Slug: What’s The Difference?

All gardeners see them, but what are the difference between them? We’re exploring the differences between snail vs slug and explaining both!

Seeds not germinating

Seeds Not Germinating? Try These Fixes

We’ve all had issues with seeds not germinating. From temperature to germination rate, we break down methods to fix your problems!

Chia plant

Chia Plant: Sage’s Seedier Cousin

Chia seeds have long been used for “hair” on clay sculptures. But the chia plant that produces them is a great garden choice! We share tips.

Chamaepsila rosae

Carrot Fly: Advantageous Umbillifer Pest

The carrot fly goes after carrot plants and their near-relatives like parsnips or celery, and can destroy a harvest. We cover control tips!