10 Best Bird Bath Models For Your Garden

How do you find the best bird bath for your garden spaces? We've got a buyer's guide which reveals what you need to know when shopping!

Best bird bath


Gardens just wouldn’t be the same without the friendly chattering of songbirds. We love their flashy colors, contagious spirits, and appetite for insects. As gardeners, we’d love to return the favor, and what better way to do that than providing the best bird bath?

Setting out fresh water for the birds gives them a drink and a place to cool off. This is especially helpful in desert areas or during the winter where resources are scarce. Having a birdbath in your garden space may even attract more birds to your yard!

Not surprisingly, there are lots of different bird baths. From simple ground bowls to fancy heated bird baths, there’s one for every preference. In this article, we’ll help you make the best choice and even share some of our favorites.

Most Beautiful Top Selling Home Garden Yard Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain- Relaxing Soothing...Best QualityGarden Style Solar Powered Water FountainBest Quality
  • 29” tall x 21” dia.
  • Pedestal fountain
  • Resin, concrete, fiberglass
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Deck Bird Feeders Deck Mount Bird Bath Spa for Dual Use Deck Flower Stand Flower Pot Great for...Most ConvenientUrban Deco Deck-Mount Bird Bath SpaMost Convenient
  • 16.5” L x 9.5” H x 7” dia.
  • Railing-mounted
  • Plastic, steel
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Best Choice Products 28in Pedestal Bird Bath, Vintage Outdoor Resin Accent Decoration w/Fleur-de-Lis...Highly RatedVintage Resin Pedestal Bird BathHighly Rated
  • 28.25” H x 20” dia.
  • Pedestal
  • Resin
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Esschert Design BR25 Series Bird Bath in Giftbox, Antique BrownUnique ShapeEsschert Design BR25 Series Bird BathUnique Shape
  • 5.08 x 9.53 x 5.79”
  • Ground bowl
  • Cast Iron
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Regal Art and Gift 10920 Purple Birdbath Feeder with StakeBest AestheticRegal Art Staked BirdbathBest Aesthetic
  • 25” H x 12” dia.
  • Stake-mounted
  • Glass
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Gray Bunny Bird Bath Bowl 12' - Deck Mounted Bird Water Feeder, Large Bird Bath, Bowl Bird Baths,...Easy SetupGray Bunny GB-6876 Deck-Mounted Songbird SpaEasy Setup
  • 15.7 x 11.8 x 3”
  • Deck-mounted
  • Polypropylene
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The HC Companies 21 Inch Round Plastic Classic Plant Saucer - Indoor Outdoor Plant Trays for Pots -...Simple & BasicAkro Mils Classic SaucerSimple & Basic
  • 3.6” H x 21” dia.
  • Ground bowl
  • Plastic
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Esschert Design FB163 Cast Iron Birdbath with BracketBest Mounted BathEsschert Design FB163 Cast Iron BirdbathBest Mounted Bath
  • 11.4” x 7.0” x 10”
  • Wall-mounted
  • Cast Iron
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Nova Microdermabrasion 36 Inch Tall 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain with Pump - Elegant Outdoor...Best ValueNova 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath FountainBest Value
  • 36” H x 20” dia.
  • Pedestal fountain
  • Resin
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Evergreen Colorful Hanging Glass Birdbath (Tiffany)Most DecorativeTiffany-Inspired Hanging Bird Bath BowlMost Decorative
  • 22.75” H x 13.5” dia.
  • Hanging
  • Glass
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Best Bird Bath Reviews

1. Garden Style Solar Powered Water Fountain

If you’re going to splurge for a birdbath, why not get one that doubles as a water feature? And while you’re at it, why not help out the environment by choosing solar power? This two-tiered birdbath fountain completes that checklist – plus a beautiful design and excellent quality!

The wind won’t knock this fountain over because it’s 23 pounds of resin, concrete, and fiberglass. It has a battery that stores up to six hours worth of excess solar power for later. The fountain can be turned on and off by a switch (the battery still charges when the fountain is off). You won’t have to refill it often because it holds over 2 gallons of water.

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2. Urban Deco Deck-Mount Bird Bath Spa

Deck Bird Feeders Deck Mount Bird Bath Spa for Dual Use Deck Flower Stand Flower Pot Great for...
  • Deck Bird Feeder Size: Each of Deck mount bird...
  • Durable Material:This deck bird feeder is made of...
  • Multi Purpose-designed by the brightest minds:In...

Don’t have a backyard? No problem! All you need is a deck or balcony to invite birds with this nifty bath. It comes with an adjustable clamp that attaches to most railings (max of 2 inches thick). The clamp is heavy-duty steel and coated in rust-resistant bronze powder. It’s sturdy enough to support a flower pot if needed.

Even better than the clamp is the special features. On one side of the device is a sturdy plastic basin for holding water. The other side is a steel mesh tray that’s perfect for birdseed. That’s double the incentive for birds to visit! For easy cleaning and filling, both trays are removable.

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3. Vintage Resin Pedestal Bird Bath

Best Choice Products 28in Pedestal Bird Bath, Vintage Outdoor Resin Accent Decoration w/Fleur-de-Lis...
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Durable resin construction is...
  • FILLABLE DESIGN: Fill the hollow space in the...
  • ELEGANCE AND STYLE: Decorate your lawn or garden...

Do you just want a decent birdbath that gets the job done without breaking the bank? This is one of our top picks for you. This birdbath is a simple pedestal with a large bowl (20” diameter and 28.25” tall). It’s sturdy enough to weather the wind, sun, and snow so you can get many years of use. It has an elegant yet simplistic style that’s available in green or copper. The edge of the basin has small cutouts that function as decor and a perch for small birds.

This product is made out of resin and requires some quick assembly. Ground stakes are included for extra stability. The manufacturer also recommends filling the base of the pedestal with sand. Some gardeners have found that the resin is easy to drill through for anchoring it in the ground (this isn’t required).

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4. Esschert Design BR25 Series Bird Bath

Esschert Design BR25 Series Bird Bath in Giftbox, Antique Brown
  • Cast iron birdfeeder with a single perched bird in...
  • Perfect for placement in your garden, yard, or...
  • Bird design perfect for placement in the yard,...

You’ll love the durability of this iron birdbath. It’ll stay put on the ground, a table, or wherever else you want it. The long basin allows plenty of space for perching and splashing. Because of its unique shape, it can fit in narrow spaces that circular bath won’t. If you place it on the ground, don’t be surprised to see squirrels and other thirsty animals stopping by.

Because it’s iron, this birdbath is easy to clean with soap and water. It also weathers well in the heat and cold. The downside of iron is that it may rust, which is best prevented by seasoning it with cooking oil and heating in the oven for one hour.

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5. Regal Art Staked Birdbath

Regal Art and Gift 10920 Purple Birdbath Feeder with Stake
  • 3- pronged sturdy ground forked staked
  • Crafted art glass bowls and be used as a bath or...
  • Hold approx. 4 cups of seed

Are you all about the aesthetic? This is the birdbath that will add that artsy touch you’ve been looking for. The flower-shaped basin is crafted glass with beautiful coloring and a glossy finish. It’s supported by a thin yet sturdy pedestal with prongs for anchoring it in the ground. This birdbath is also meant to be used as a bird feeder, which is great if you don’t fill it during the winter.

Gardeners have reported that the coloring fades when exposed to direct sunlight over time. If you choose this birdbath, we recommend placing it in a shady or protected area.

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6. Gray Bunny GB-6876 Deck-Mounted Songbird Spa

Gray Bunny Bird Bath Bowl 12" - Deck Mounted Bird Water Feeder, Large Bird Bath, Bowl Bird Baths,...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our deck bird bath features a...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No tools needed! Attach the...
  • EFFECTIVE DESIGN: The deck mounted bird bath bowl...

This “Songbird Spa” is perfect for attracting birds to your deck without too much work. The lightweight basin is easy to clean and detach from the stand. You can adjust the clamp by hand to fit any rail or windowsill that’s 2 inches thick or less. It’s easy to move so you can find the perfect spot for your singing guests.

The basin is polypropylene and large enough for accessories like heaters. The clamp is iron and rust-resistant. Both are designed to last for years through harsh weather.

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7. Akro Mils Classic Saucer

The HC Companies 21 Inch Round Plastic Classic Plant Saucer - Indoor Outdoor Plant Trays for Pots -...
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 21-1/8" outside dimension, 17-7/8" inside dimensio
  • 3-5/8" height, Sandstone

If you want simplicity, it doesn’t get more minimalist than this. Akro Mils’s classic saucer is a plain, durable, and effective birdbath. It’s made of lightweight yet durable plastic and holds about 3.5 inches of water. This birdbath is perfect for setting on a stand, tree trunk, or just the ground.

This is a highly versatile birdbath. You can add stones, a heater, or even a small fountain to the basin. It can be placed just about anywhere. And, if you exhaust its use as a birdbath, it makes a great planter tray. 

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8. Esschert Design FB163 Cast Iron Birdbath

Esschert Design FB163 Cast Iron Birdbath with Bracket
  • Beautiful Cast Iron Hook With Birdbath
  • Birds Will Flock To This Birdbath For Water On...
  • Use As A Feeder In Winter When Food Is Scarce

This rustic-looking birdbath easily attaches to your house, terrace, shed – you name it. The curlicue design has a hook at the end for hanging plants. The birdbath itself has lovely scalloped edges as well as two bird figures. It’s on the shallow side, so you’ll have to refill it more frequently. Because it’s shallow though, the basin is perfect for attracting bees and butterflies.

For cleaning, you can unscrew the basin from its stand. Depending on where you live, the iron may rust in which case you’ll need to treat it. 

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9. Nova 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath With Fountain

Nova Microdermabrasion 36 Inch Tall 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain with Pump - Elegant Outdoor...
  • ※ Sturdy Construction: Mainly made of resin...
  • ※ Pump Bouns: Includes a pump that uses a...
  • ※ Preminum Design: 3-Tier design, perfect for...

This 3-tier fountain is sure to get the birds’ attention. It circulates water making a soothing sound and creating a fun splash pad for guests. Plus, the pump keeps the water from being stagnant so you won’t have to clean as much!

Made of resin, this birdbath is rust, frost, and fade resistant. It comes in parts for easy installation as well as 3 ground stakes. The pole can be filled with sand or water to help weigh it down more. This birdbath is powered by a 5-foot power cord.

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10. Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Bird Bath Bowl

Evergreen Colorful Hanging Glass Birdbath (Tiffany)
  • ARTISTICALLY DESIGNED: You'll love this colorful,...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Included chain hangs...

If you want something showy, try this hanging birdbath. The tastefully colorful design is like a stained-glass window for the birds. It has a sturdy metal chain so you can hang it from a tree, pergola, or overhanging roof. The bowl is heavy enough that it won’t blow too much in the wind.

The chains can be removed for easy cleaning or to turn the bowl into a tabletop birdbath. A small fountain will fit in the bowl but it’s best not to use a heater. Because it’s made of glass, the bowl may crack if left outside in cold weather.

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What Kind Of Bird Bath Do Birds Prefer?

Best bird bath
Looking for the best bird bath? There’s a lot to choose from. Source: NCReedplayer

When it comes to garden bird baths, every bird is different – or at least every species. Before making your choice, take some time to observe your yard. What kind of birds hang out there? Are they small? Shy? Bold? Do they stick to the trees or hang out on the ground? Match these characteristics to their ideal birds bath.

Smaller birds tend to like higher perches where they have a good range of vision. Larger birds and ground-dwellers like quail prefer lower bird baths, mostly for drinking water access. Most birds, including orioles, are attracted to the moving water from fountains or agitators. If you want to attract hummingbirds, attach a mister to the bird bath. 

When it comes to location, you have to place it where the birds can find it easily. Most birds are pretty shy and won’t want to bathe on your back porch. You’ll have the best luck placing it in a sheltered place that’s easy to access and escape from in case of predators. 

If you use a solar-powered fountain, make sure it’s in a spot with lots of sunlight. You’ll also want to place the bath where you can easily reach it for cleaning.

Types of Bird Baths

Now that you’ve gotten to know your birds, we can get into the different types. Here are some of the most popular bird baths. 

A pedestal bird bath puts the bowl up above ground level, but at a decent height, allowing smaller birds to see their surroundings clearly. The mental image that most people come up with when they think of a bird bath is usually one of these pedestal styles, and for good reason. 

These popular baths are made from multiple different materials from resin to stone, metal to concrete, and can be everything from a very classic design to something approaching modern art.

Hanging bird baths are suspended in the air where birds feel right at home. They usually hang from heavy-duty chains and can hold a full load of birds. Because they’re up high, birds bathing are safer from predators than they would be on the ground. The downside to a hanging bird bath is that they might sway in the wind, upsetting the birds. Many manufacturers have taken this into account though and make the basins heavy enough that the birds feel stable.

If you’re willing to drill in an exterior wall, consider a wall-hanging bird bath. They’re securely placed on the side of your house, shed, or even a sturdy wooden fence. Most of them have intricate designs so they double as wall decorations. Avoid placing this fixture next to a door though, since the high foot traffic may scare the birds away.

Mounted bird baths are the best for decks and apartment balconies – no backyard needed! They’re attached to clamps that easily adjust onto sturdy rails. They’re easy to get to for cleaning and refilling. Some birds may be hesitant thanks to the location, but others won’t mind – especially if you live on the second or third floor.

Easily the simplest setup, a ground bird bath is a basin with a flat bottom or short pedestal. They’re usually set on the ground, but work anywhere flat, whether it’s a tabletop or a tree trunk. Their location attracts ground birds and large migratory birds like ducks.You may also see squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, or even deer stopping by.

Fountain bird baths are usually the fanciest. Typically electric or solar-powered, they provide moving water to attract birds. They also add greatly to your garden aesthetic with mesmerizing waterfalls and a calming sound. You’ll find that the fountain keeps the fresh water clean so it doesn’t have to be changed as often.

Similar to a pedestal, some of the best bird baths are held up by a stake. The stakes are typically thin yet sturdy with multiple prongs on the end. The basin itself will be smaller and light so it’s not top-heavy. This bath for birds is usually very artsy – some even look like flowers!

Things To Consider

Pedestal bird bath
Some bird baths are elaborate, others are quite simple. Source: UweBKK

If you want to keep your bird bath clean and safe, you have to place it well and take care of it. This is the best way to keep the birds coming back to visit.

Location, Location, Location

We really can’t stress enough how important location is. Not only should you consider where the birds hang out, but also any safety hazards. Animals are vulnerable when they drink and bathe, so they need to feel secure in order to enjoy it. 

Birdbaths near windows can be risky to birds and cause avoidable collisions. The same goes for doors, large tree branches, and play areas. If the neighborhood cat wanders through your backyard, put the bird bath out of its reach. You should also be aware of any chemicals like pesticides that could contaminate the bath.

We’re giving a lot of thought to the birds’ comfort, but what about you? You probably don’t want to be cleaning out the bird bath every other day, so choose a clean spot. Keeping it away from leaf-dropping trees and wind-blown pollen will make your job much easier. If you don’t have a heated bird bath, storing it in the shed will save years of its life. Also, be aware that railing-mounted ones may cause bird poop to collect on your deck or railing.

Finally, choose a spot where you can enjoy watching your feathered friends. Bird baths double as decorations after all, so use them as a fun and beautiful part of your garden!

Caring For Your Bath

A clean bird is a happy bird, and it’s up to you to keep the bird bath tidy. Birds may be beautiful, but they sure can be rambunctious and messy. Your birdbath will be subjected to leaves, bird droppings, algae growth, and insects. Because of this, it’s best to clean it regularly instead of waiting until the water’s uninhabitable (once or twice a week is ideal). You’ll save yourself from cleaning a lot of nasty stuff like algae build-up and staining.

For routine cleaning, start by dumping out the old water. Then, hose it down to remove any loose debris (it won’t wash away everything). Refill the basin to the top and add in one cup or less of bleach. Cover the top so birds won’t drink the bleach, and let it soak for 10-20 minutes.

Once it’s done, dump out the bleach in a safe space, like an unused part of the yard. Hose down the basin again to remove any traces of the bleach. It’s preferable to let the bird bath air dry before refilling, but this can be skipped if you’re short on time.

If your bird bath has some stubborn buildup, you’ll have to put in a little more effort. Put on some rubber gloves, grab a scrub brush, and really work the bleach into the bird bath. While you have the supplies out, remember to clean any hoses, water agitators, or other add-ons.

If you bought a large or deep bird bath, you may need to modify it a bit. Many species, particularly smaller birds, can’t swim well and may drown in deep water. Add a couple of inches of sand or stones to the bottom to make the water shallower and safer. 

You may also encounter mosquitoes hanging around the bath. They and other insects are drawn to stagnant water, so keep them away by using a water agitator.

If the bowl is shallow, it’s easier for small types of birds to bathe in, but it may also run dry quicker than other types. For your convenience, have a water source nearby for quick and easy filling. You can even place the bird bath where it can be refilled by sprinklers or water runoff. However, you should routinely dump out the old water so it doesn’t contaminate the new.

How Do I Attract Birds To My Bird Bath?

If you’re looking to attract a certain species, do some research. Does this species live in your area? What does it like in a bird bath? Knowing this, you can gear your bath towards certain guests and even away from others.

Choose a bird bath that’s large for the birds you have and has room for them to perch. If you live in a hot area, don’t use a metal bird bath since it can heat up and burn little feet. On the contrary, in cold climates buy a heated bird bath or heating add-on to keep the water available year-round (don’t use heaters with concrete bird baths though).

But really, the best thing you can do to attract birds is keep the bath clean and choose a good location. Plus, most birds just can’t resist a moving water feature!

Dispelling Myths About Bird Baths

Bird bowl
A bowl style of bird bath can be placed on a table or on the ground. Source: starmist1

There are so many myths about bird baths that we can’t discredit all of them. However, here are some of the most asked questions.

Is A Dirty Bath Okay?

Just as you wouldn’t want to bathe in dirty water, birds shouldn’t either. A dirty birdbath can grow bacteria and potentially harm the birds. Clean your bird bath consistently to keep your chirping guests healthy.

Are Deeper Baths Better?

Not necessarily. While a deep bath won’t need to be refilled as often, it can be a hazard to the birds. Many species aren’t good swimmers and can drown in deep baths. Keep the water only a few inches deep or place rocks or branches in it for the birds to stand on.

Is It Hard To Clean Bird Baths?

It doesn’t have to be! If you clean your bird bath regularly, all you’ll have to do soak it with bleach and hose it down. Leaving the water stagnant for weeks on end though will result in one gross, hard-to-clean bird bath.  

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