53 Tomato Trellis Designs (Completely Free)

Tomatoes Growing on Trellis in Garden in Different Colors of Green

While some people grow determinate tomatoes so that they don’t have to worry about a trellis, anyone who wants to grow an indeterminate variety is going to need one. Whether short or tall, big or small, I’ve got a list of different options which will help ensure your tomatoes have the support that they need … Read more

65 DIY Potting Bench Plans (Completely Free)

Shaded Garden Potting Bench

Are you tired of starting seeds on the kitchen table or crouching down to transplant from one pot to another on the ground? If so, you’ll want to build a potting bench. Here you’ll find a wide variety of potting tables, benches, and stations to choose from, as well as building instructions. These range from … Read more

30+ Creative and Doable Alternative Housing Ideas

Alternative Housing

As gardeners, we’re connected to the earth in ways that other people simply aren’t. Naturally, we’re interested in other types of sustainable and Earth-friendly pursuits…I know I am! I’ve been reading about alternative housing ideas for a while now and decided to put together a list of the coolest alternative housing options that I could … Read more

How To Build Your Own Polytunnel

Everyone and their grandmother seems to be building or buying polytunnels these days – and for a good reason. They’re an absolutely amazing gardening tool that extend the growing season, protect your garden from the elements, and ultimately increase the size of your harvest. And for all of these benefits, you don’t even have to … Read more

How to Build a Garden Pond

How to Build a Garden Pond

Getting a landscape gardener to build your free-form pond can be expensive, so follow the steps below and get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Choose Your Location Site your pond where it will get plenty of light, with some direct sunlight to help plants grow. Avoid placing it near deciduous trees, otherwise you’ll spend … Read more