Deep Water Culture (DWC): What Is It And How To Get Started

Deep Water Culture

If you’re new to growing plants hydroponically, words like “Deep Water Culture” can sound like they’re straight out of a science-fiction movie.  Compared to soil gardening, hydroponics looks more complex – but it’s really not. There are many types of hydroponic systems, many of which have confusing sounding names (nutrient film technique, deep water culture, … Read more

The Kratky Method: How To Grow Food Almost Automatically

The Kratky Method

Although I already think that hydroponics is one of the most interesting, simple, and productive gardening methods out there, what continues to surprise me is the amount of innovation that happens in the field. There are so many different hydroponic systems out there and they seem to be limited only by our imagination. Not too … Read more

Types of Hydroponic Lighting: What You Need To Know

Hydroponic Lighting Overview

When growing indoors, it’s essential to match the natural sunlight changes throughout the seasons to initiate the different growth stages of each plant. Different temperatures surrounding a plant and the intensity of the sun are triggers for plants that allow them to release chemicals internally that will start them off into the next stage of … Read more

Hydroponics for Kids: Build a 2 Liter Bottle Garden

Hydroponics for Kids: Build a 2 Liter Bottle Garden

I was chatting with Charlotte, a subscriber on the Epic Gardening YouTube channel, and she had a REALLY good idea: ​Actually, it would be kinda cool if you had a page on the site for kids….. school projects and such for hydroponics. I homeschool 5 kids, and this would be a pretty cool science project. … Read more

Growing Plants with LEDs: An Epic Gardening Guide

Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar

I was fortunate enough to pick up a Lighthouse Hydro 270w LED light system from the company to review and document an entire hydroponic grow with LED lighting. Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 270w FSF Initial Impressions Specifications Size: 15″ L x 11″ W x 3″H Coverage Area: 2′ x 3′ (@ 18”), 2.5′ x 3.75′ (@24”), … Read more

Plant Spacing in Hydroponics

Plant Spacing in Hydroponics

I’ve got to tell you all, I’m ecstatic when I get messages from Epic Gardening readers.  I LOVE opening up Gmail during a break from business and seeing urban gardening questions come in, so you better believe I was excited when a reader hit me up and asked a great question about plant spacing.  She’s … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light

While there are many types of hydroponic lighting, there’s a lot of talk in the hydroponics world about LED grow lights and how they just might be the “next big thing” in indoor garden lighting. Like a lot of products in the hydroponic market, there is a lot of marketing and hype behind LEDs. Sometimes … Read more

Inverse Square Law for Light and Hydroponics

Inverse Square Law for Light and Hydroponics | Epic Gardening

Understand the Inverse Square Law Because most of us are lighting our hydroponic grows artificially, I figured that it would be a good idea to cover one of the most important concepts to consider when you’re making lighting decisions for your grows: the inverse square law for light. The inverse square law states that if you … Read more

The Definitive Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System Guide

Ebb and Flow Systems

Here’s why I love hydroponics: with just a little imagination, you can design a custom hydroponic system for just about any application — large or small. In this series, I’m going to highlight one of the most popular hydroponic growing methods: the ebb and flow system. You’ll learn about the advantages to ebb and flow … Read more