Foliar Feeding and Fertilization in Hydroponics

Foliar Feeding and Fertilization

When thinking of hydroponic nutrients, it’s easy to imagine that the only way to feed your plants is to provide their roots with a nutrient solution that is carefully calibrated and monitored. While this is the default best option as a plant’s root system is the most efficient part of the plant at nutrient uptake, … Read more

The Nutrient Film Technique Explained

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System

The Nutrient Film Technique, sometimes referred to as NFT, is one of the most popular types of hydroponic systems. It’s prized for how versatile and modular it is. By adding more NFT channels to the system (I’ll cover what those are later in the article), you can significantly increase your yields without too much extra effort. … Read more

The Best Grow Light Reflector Hoods in 2022

Grow Light Reflectors and Hoods 101

So you’ve got your indoor grow lights rocking and rolling… Your hydroponic system is up and running, you have the right lights for your garden, and everything seems to be all good… But you have no grow light reflector or hood. And you don’t know how to choose the right one. It’s one thing to … Read more

How to Keep Your Hydroponic Reservoir Cool

How to Keep Your Hydroponic Reservoir Cool

One of the more annoying problems we deal with as hydroponic growers is keeping an oxygenated root zone at the perfect water temperature. It’s crucial to squeeze as much yield out of our plants as possible and minimize the potential of disease and infection. However, keeping your hydroponic reservoir cool can be a challenge. Why … Read more

CFL Grow Lights: The Ultimate Guide

Growing With CFLs

When I first started growing plants indoors and in hydroponic systems, I had no clue what I was doing. There are a lot of concepts to learn as a beginner to hydroponics, but lighting is by far the most complex.  There are so many different types of indoor grow lights, let alone learning about the properties of … Read more

What are Total Dissolved Solids?

What are Total Dissolved Solids?

​ After my recent ‘obsession’ with writing about the different types of water you can use for hydroponics, whether you can grow with tap water, or what to know about distilled water, I figured it’d probably be smart to talk about how to measure what’s IN your water. ​It’s one thing to understand all of … Read more

Distilled Water For Plants: What You Need To Know

Distilled Water For Plants: What You Need To Know

Water is everywhere, so it all must be the same, right? Wrong. You might be using tap water for your garden and wondering if there’s a better option, or already using some other type of water (distilled, reverse osmosis, etc). Regardless, as a gardener you can know a lot about plants, nutrients, and growth cycles and miss … Read more

Can You Use Tap Water For Hydroponics?

tap water

One of the most common questions that I get from beginner hydroponic gardeners is: Can you use tap water for hydroponics?​ It’s a good question!  When you’re just starting out, you want to get up and running quickly.  Your other options for water are all more complex than just using water straight out of the … Read more