Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit Review


It’s Shroom Time, Baby!

No, not that type of shroom. Oyster mushrooms! A lot of gardeners haven’t ever delved into the wonderful world of mushroom farming, and it’s a shame…because it’s a lot of fun!

I’ve found that mushrooms are a “love it or hate it” type of food – and I’m squarely in the love it camp. They’re absolutely delicious in omelettes, pasta, or burgers…or just about anything else you can think of.

Now, I’ve grown mushrooms before, but I was really excited to get a mushroom kit in the mail from Back To The Roots, a cool company that has two products: their mushroom kit and the Aquafarm, a hobbyist aquaponics setup.

The mushroom kit is pretty straightforward – they figured out that mushrooms can grow very well in farm waste and coffee grounds and set out producing kits that both look awesome and grown up to a pound and a half of oyster mushrooms.

If you’ve never had oyster mushrooms, the best way I can describe them is by saying they’re very similar to lobster when done in a little bit of butter – absolutely delicious.

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Part One – Kit Overview

Part Two – Setting It Up​

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This review of the mushroom kit from Back To The Roots is everything you need to get started cultivating mushrooms in your home - no matter how little space you have!

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