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Common Hedge Diseases

Plant Diseases

Common Hedge Problems and How To Treat Them

While hedges are tough, they are not immune to problems. From powdery mildew to bronze foliage and more, it's important to tackle problems as soon as they arise. Look out for these common hedge problems and learn how to treat and prevent them.

Yellow petunias with violet edges contrast beautifully against green leaves.


7 Reasons Why Your Petunias Aren’t Blooming

Petunias overflow with prolific flowers until frost. In the right spot, they’re easy-care annuals with continual blooms. If your petunia becomes less vibrant, restoring it to full flower may entail simple adjustments. Explore why petunias stop blooming with garden expert Katherine Rowe.

Close-up of a gardener with blue pruning shears preparing to prune a squash plant with large green foliage and oblong light green fruits.


How to Prune Squash Plants for Bigger, Better Yields

Many vining plants benefit from pruning, and squash is no exception! If you want to maximize your yields, consider pruning these rambling vines for increased pollination, airflow, and squash production. Former organic farmer Logan Hailey explains how to prune the simple way.

Close-up of watering lavender bushes with woody stems, narrow, gray-green leaves, and spikes of fragrant, purple-blue flowers using a blue watering can in a sunny garden.


How Much Water Does Lavender Need?

As we glide into the heat of summer, lavender’s bloom sprays, silvery foliage, and refreshing aroma reenergize the garden. To ensure efficient watering and the healthiest plants, it is helpful to look at how much water these drought-tolerant beauties need. Here, garden expert Katherine Rowe explores lavender’s water needs and the variables to consider for flourishing herbs.

Close-up of a woman's hands deadheading a rose bush with large, pale lilac, lush double flowers using red pruning shears in a sunny garden.


How To Deadhead Roses For More Blooms

Deadheading roses is a simple way to promote plant health. It also lets us lay eyes on our plants and enjoy their blooms in the process. Explore the benefits and best way to deadhead with gardening expert Katherine Rowe to ensure healthy roses across the seasons.

Close-up of a flowering Clematis plant features stunning pink flowers with delicate, layered petals and vibrant green, deeply lobed leaves with brown spots due to disease.

Plant Problems

5 Common Clematis Diseases and How to Treat Them

Clematis brings exotic beauty and vertical interest with its glorious flowers, vining stems, and attractive foliage, whether deciduous or evergreen. While a relatively carefree grower, clematis is susceptible to common fungal diseases that impact growth, flowering, and form. If detected early, plants can recover. Join gardening expert Katherine Rowe in a look at common issues for clematis and how to treat and prevent them.