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raised bed greenhouse

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How to Turn a Raised Bed into a Greenhouse

If you’re gardening in raised beds and want to extend your growing season, consider converting your bed into a mini greenhouse. Briana Yablonski shares how to complete this process with some PVC, a sheet of plastic, and a spare afternoon.

A variety of tomatoes, some halved, some whole, arranged on a sunlit table, showcasing vibrant colors and textures, inviting the viewer to savor the diversity of nature's bounty.


7 Colorful Tomatoes That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Fresh from the vine or cooked in a pie, tomatoes are delicious no matter how you prepare them. But what if the tomato is just too beautiful to eat? Well, as beautiful as these tomatoes are, we encourage you to dig in and enjoy their fruity, sweet, and tangy flavors. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss shares seven of the most sensational-looking tomato varieties for your garden.

garden color schemes. Close-up of a flowering bed of colorful zinnias in a sunny garden. Zinnias are vibrant and eye-catching annual flowers known for their striking colors and diverse forms. They feature sturdy stems with lance-shaped leaves arranged opposite each other. Atop these stems, zinnias produce large, daisy-like flowers with multiple layers of petals in a wide array of hues, including shades of red, orange, pink, and white.

Gardening Tips

10 Garden Designs for Different Color Schemes

Choosing colors for the garden allows us to play with exciting combinations and moods. Color combinations create lively, energized spaces or peaceful and serene ones. They’ll complement a home or contrast it beautifully through striking opposites. Explore ideas for different color schemes with garden designer Katherine Rowe.

A vibrant bouquet of poppies showcases a kaleidoscope of colors, encircling a radiant yellow center. Each petal unfurls in delicate layers, a harmonious blend of pale pink, white, red, orange, and golden yellow.


31 Beautiful Poppy Varieties for Your Garden

Once you add poppies to your garden, you’ll be hooked. Each variety adds a different kind of magic with its whimsical, papery petals and soft, romantic shades. In this article, organic farmer Jenna Rich will describe 31 beautiful poppy varieties you’ll want to sow this season.

rain garden design. View of a rainy garden with a green lawn, trees and bushes. In the garden there is a large metal barrel into which rainwater flows through the gutter.

Gardening Tips

13 Beautiful Design Ideas for Rain Gardens

If you have a rainy garden, fear not. There are plenty of creative ways to divert, repurpose, and economically use the water, even during times of heavy rainfall. Join organic farmer Jenna Rich as she goes through 13 unique designs and ideas for rainy gardens.

View of English Cottage garden styles. Close-up of an old English cottage with old wooden doors, abundantly covered with climbing Clematis in bloom. Around the house there are flowering hydrangea bushes and an apple tree with ripe fruits. On the porch there are two flowerpots with African daisies in bloom and begonia in bloom. There is a wreath of fresh carnation flowers hanging on the door.

Ornamental Gardens

19 Beautiful Garden Styles for Your Outdoor Landscape

Garden styles bring boundless inspiration, whether designing a new garden, reimagining an existing space, or daydreaming about adding a few new elements. Recognized styles show us what works to create dynamic spaces, with countless opportunities for adding our combinations and preferences. Garden designer Katherine Rowe explores prominent garden styles to inspire beautiful, functional landscapes.