Creeping Charlie: How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy

Although it has many beneficial uses, creeping charlie or ground ivy is most commonly viewed as a weed. Perhaps you’ve recently found yourself wondering how to kill or control it. Or perhaps your question is simply how to get rid of creeping charlie without using chemicals? If this plant has taken over your yard or … Read more

20+ Neem Oil Uses In The Garden and Beyond

As gardeners, we’re always looking for an edge… Something that’ll prevent pests, diseases, and make our lives easier out there in the garden. A long-time favorite of both beginner and veteran growers is neem oil. But what is this “magical” substance exactly and how does it work? Is it safe? Can you use it for … Read more

How to Treat Plant Fungus with Baking Soda

As far as plant diseases go, there are none more annoying, frustrating, and hair-pulling than fungus issues. Whether you’re growing microgreens, houseplants, or veggies, plant fungus like powdery mildew can absolutely ruin your plants. Here’s an example of a classic type of plant fungus, powdery mildew: Here’s a simple rule to detect plant fungus: If your … Read more

Damping Off: How to Prevent and Control Seedling Wilt

Has damping off got you down? Do you weep with sorrow as your little green darlings turn brown? Do their roots sport white webbing like some Halloween decoration someone left outside until Christmas? Alas, I’m pretty familiar with this situation. It mimics my day without coffee: I may start off fine but eventually I shrivel … Read more

How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Are there suddenly holes in the leaves of your favorite plants? A common culprit is the Japanese beetle. Although the insect is only ½ inch in length, it can do a lot of damage to flowers and vegetables since it usually feeds in groups. It doesn’t help that these beetles aren’t picky eaters – they … Read more