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Learn about the history of hydroponics and the different types of hydroponic systems. We’ll also teach you how to build your own!

Metal Halide Grow Lights Explained and Reviewed

If you’re a grower, you’re probably looking into Metal Halide HIDs to give your garden a healthy beautiful green lush.Metal Halide grow lights have been in the market long enough to prove themselves as one of the favorite go to grow lights for growing plentiful, beautiful and nutritious green canopies.I’ve put up this guide in […]

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Simple T5 Fluorescent Deep Water Culture Starter System

When you first learn about hydroponics, it’s easy to get excited and want to get your hydroponic system up and running. But it’s hard to know where to start:Which type of system should you use?Should you go DIY or buy a commercial system?How much should you spend on your system?This article is one of my “System […]

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