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Dwarf Umbrella Tree Care – Growing Schefflera Arboricola

The umbrella plant is a fantastic houseplant for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. It has beautiful foliage, making it perfect to use inside the home. It’s popular because it’s not an picky plant and tolerates some neglect and a variety of growing conditions. Quick Navigation Umbrella Tree OverviewTypes of Umbrella Tree​Is the Umbrella Tree Toxic?Umbrella Tree CareLightWaterSoilFertilizerRepottingPruning​PropagationProblemsPestsDiseasesFAQs​ […]

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How to Care For The Wandering Jew Plant

The Wandering Jew is not a single plant — it’s the name given to a few different plants in the genus Tradescantia.When grown outdoors it’s considered invasive in many regions of the world, but those same growing characteristics make it perfect as an indoor vining plant. Quick Navigation Wandering Jew OverviewTypes of Wandering Jew PlantsWandering […]

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