“I don’t have a green thumb!”…I Call BS.

When people step into my backyard, they see hydroponic setups, soil gardens, and plants everywhere.  It’s often a little overwhelming and sometimes makes me look like some kind of mad plant doctor. People get a little surprised at how much is going on and say, “You must have a green thumb!  I don’t have a … Read more

Building an Urban Farming Business: The Setup and Numbers

Taking the Business Seriously If you haven’t read the first post in this urban farming business series, go back and do that before you continue! In my first post I talked about the business idea and how it got started.  I also talked about how I went out and pitched customers, validated the idea, and even … Read more

Building an Microgreens Business – The Beginning

Making Green by Growing GreensI’ve been experimenting with gardening techniques for about two years now. I started back in 2010 with my brother and Square Foot Gardening, a super-easy method of gardening at home. Funnily enough, I now also work for the author and his non-profit foundation.After SFG, I got into hydroponics and soil-free gardening. … Read more

Why You NEED To Keep a Garden Journal

I’ve found that a lot of people who get into hydroponics will start out very excited only to become disinterested because their garden starts to fail.  When I ask them a few questions it always seems to come down to the fact that they weren’t doing the small things on a daily basis that keep … Read more

Epic Gardening Urban Farm Tours: New Roots Aqua Farm

Hydroponic Farm Tours I’m going to be starting a new section on the blog featuring urban farm tours.  It’s always inspiring to see people running green businesses and practicing these three disciplines.  So, without further ado, enjoy the first official Epic Gardening Tour! Last weekend I was on my way to a farmer’s market in … Read more