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Composting With Coffee Grounds: A Complete Guide

This post was sent in by Nicki of BokashiLiving, an awesome at-home composting tool.One less reason to feel guilty about your coffee addiction…Like many Vancouverites, two of my passions in life are drinking coffee (and lots of it) and being environmentally aware.A question I often get asked is, “How can I compost with coffee grounds?”You’ll […]

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Best Indoor Shade Plants for Low-Light Rooms

If you garden, chances are that you have wondered whether you can grow plants in your home even with poor lighting. I’ve been in the same position before, and I was frustrated by the lack of resources that were available to help me make my decision.Don’t worry- you won’t have to go through the same […]

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4 of the Best Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse gives you the advantage to grow some of the tastiest crops that can be later used for a variety of recipes. This also means that you will be able to reap all kinds of benefits from growing organically; however, if you are currently in the process of deciding exactly which vegetables to […]

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