How to Get Your Backyard Garden Ready for Summer

​ As the spring/summer season is now upon us, it is becoming prime time that we venture out in to the garden to bask in the warmer weather. For that reason, it is no wonder that you may want to clean up your garden, especially if you plan on entertaining friends and family.Improving your garden … Read more

Essential Seed Starting Equipment and Supplies

If you are a true gardener, buying flowers, fruits, and veggies as starts just isn’t an option for you. You want to start your own garden from scratch, and that means starting all of your plants from seeds. But you’re going to need some seed starting equipment if you’re going to do it right. Quick … Read more

How to Build a Garden Pond

Getting a landscape gardener to build your free-form pond can be expensive, so follow the steps below and get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Choose Your Location Site your pond where it will get plenty of light, with some direct sunlight to help plants grow. Avoid placing it near deciduous trees, otherwise you’ll spend … Read more

25+ Plants That You Can Regrow From Your Kitchen Scraps

Worried that you’re generating too much organic waste at home? Before you take out the trash, consider if there are any uses for the waste you’ve created. Think about composting, making mulch, or, coolest of all, starting your own garden. That’s right, you can start a garden using the organic waste in your home! Did … Read more

Plants Find a Way: 25 Examples of Plants Striving to Survive

It’s a sad truth of life…We humans think we’ve mastered nature – that we can control it and bend it to our will.While that might have a grain of truth to it, the reality is that if we were to disappear tomorrow, it wouldn’t take very long for nature to reclaim what is rightfully hers.These … Read more