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How Many Seeds to Plant Per Hole, Pot, or Cell?

I recently got an email from Sally with a familiar question. It’s the same exact question that I had when I was a beginner gardener and wondered how to start seeds:“I’m sure this is a silly question, but I always see it recommended to plant more than one seed per hole. But why? I just […]

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18 Facts About Carnivorous Plants

Most of the time we talk about plants that you can grow and eat…But what about plants that grow by eating animals and insects?​Enter carnivorous plants, a fascinating type of plant that gets most of its nutrition by preying on other living creatures!Here are 18+ things you didn’t know about carnivorous plants.Most of us know […]

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Compost vs. Fertilizers: What’s the Difference?

Compost or fertilizer — which one is best for your garden? If you are new to gardening, you may notrealize that there are some significant differences between the two when it comes to creating ahealthy environment for your plants.Award-winning garden retailer Dobies of Devon is on hand to discuss some of the standout pros andcons […]

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Zone by Zone: What To Plant in August

Kevin’s Note: This is a guest post from Garden Collage, good friends of mine over in New York! Enjoy. August is typically associated with the end of summer and the upcoming harvest season. But we firmly believe that August is actually the perfect month to sneak in one last round of planting before first frost […]

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